Elden Ring Leaks: Roundup of the Best Rumors, Details & Predictions

Elden Ring Leaks, Rumors, and Predictions


Leaks released even before the big E3 announcement revealed that George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki are involved in a video game with developer FromSoftware called Elden Ring. FromSoftware is the creator of Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Here’s a roundup of everything we know or have heard rumored about Elden Ring, what that symbol (rune) could mean, and more, based on leaks, spoilers, and predictions. Of course, as with all leaks, it’s possible that none of this will be accurate. But just as GRRM fans enjoyed speculating about possible Game of Thrones leaks, the hype is real for Elden Ring speculation. (Note: Some of these rumors were shared before E3. We’ll update this story as new predictions and rumors develop.)

The Initial Leak

The security leak was from Bandai Namco’s E3 assets, Venture Beat reported. It revealed that Bandai Namco may be planning to reveal Elden Ring, a game created in collaboration with George R.R. Martin and From Software. From Software has previously released Dark Souls and Sekiro. The leak indicated the game will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

According to the leak, this symbol is associated with the game:


The leaked photo was shared on Twitter by Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX.)

The purported leak also contained the following description:

ELDEN RING, developed by FromSoftware, Inc. and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., is a fantasy action-RPG adventure set within a world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki – creator of the influential DARK SOULS video game series; and George R.R. Martin – author of The New York Times best-selling fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Danger and discovery lurk around every corner in FromSoftware’s largest game to-date.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, President and Game Director of FromSoftware Inc. known for directing critically-acclaimed games in beloved franchises including Armored Core, Dark Souls, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

George R.R. Martin is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of many novels, including the acclaimed series A Song of Ice and Fire – A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast For Crows, and A Dance with Dragons. As a writer-producer, he has worked on The Twilight Zone, Beauty and the Beast, and various feature films and pilots that were never made.”

According to Daniel Ahmad, the leak was found because anyone was able to access Bandai Namco’s game pages for the three titles (including Elden Ring) without a password or any type of verification. The games were quickly posted on 4chan, Discord, and Twitter, he shared.

Katsuhiro Harada, who is now the general manager of Bandai Namco’s original IP games and projects, tweeted the following shortly after the leaks:

It’s unclear if this frustrated tweet was because of the leaks, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Could This Be a Viking/Norse Style Game or a Celtic Game? It Won’t Be in the Game of Thrones Universe

Of course, this information alone is enough to create speculation, predictions, and ideas about what else the game will contain.

Some fans note that this might be a Viking/Norse style game. GamesRadar had said that the game was partly open-world and set in the medieval Norse world. (Martin helming another Medieval world story is an amazing idea.) Meanwhile, a 4Chan post noted that it was multiplayer with three main characters (a hunter, a warrior, and a giant), Norse themed, with “Frost Giants, Draugr and Nekkens.” Of course, 4Chan posts aren’t the most reliable leak sources, so it’s up to you if you believe that leak or not.

But other rumors indicate the game may be Celtic, not Viking/Norse.

All rumors agree that this game will not be in the Game of Thrones universe.

It Might Be a Spiritual Successor to Eternal Ring

Some believe this may be the successor to Eternal Ring, a game developed by FromSoftware in 2000 (much like Dark Souls was a spiritual successor to Demon Souls.) In that game, players controlled a magician named Cain Morgan who investigated an island with a legendary artifact called the Eternal Ring. The island was home to mythical creatures and artifacts.

The Game Was Originally Referred to as Great Rune

The game was originally referred to as Great Rune. Interestingly enough, Modder TKGP found a reference to Great Rune (or the game’s codename GR) hidden in Sekiro’s game files (one of FromSoftware’s previous games.) As u/Katalash on Reddit noted: “From typically includes the full path to where the original asset is located on their share drive, and the blue highlighted path includes the code name of the project they are working on. For example, bloodborne was SPRJ, DS3 was FDP, and sekiro was NTC. This material accidentally references an asset located in the GR project directory, which was a leaked code name for the rumored ‘Great Rune’ project.”

TKGP later clarified: “They always start their network paths with a different abbreviation for each game. This one path starts with N:\GR instead of the usual N:\NTC for Sekiro.”

This reference seemed to confirm that the game was being built on FromSoftware’s internal engine instead of Unreal Engine 4.

This video below referenced rumors that gameplay would involve traveling between kingdoms but in a way less linear than other FromSoftware games, Comicbook.com noted. The game has possibly been in the works for as long as three years.

FromSoftware's Next Game Could be Its Most Ambitious Yet | Rumor WaveFrom Software just released Sekiro to rave reviews and with two unannounced games still in development fans are eagerly awaiting the next game in the Souls series. Today we will be talking about one of those unannounced games that sounds extremely ambitious and could even be tapping a serious talent to help. Twitter: @SpawnWaveMedia Spawn…2019-03-27T23:53:33.000Z

Leaks from Omnipotent Indicated a Deep, Immersive World of Lore That Does Not Include Game of Thrones

Meanwhile, a leaker named Omnipotent, who hinted at Sekiro news last year before the E3 reveal, also had some words about the upcoming game. He was confirmed by Resetera as having insider status in a previous year, so some people believe his leaks are more reliable. His original post is on Resetera here and he is flaired as having a “high level of insight” there. 

The gist of his information indicated that the game will have larger levels and more interconnected world design, it will have a deeper lore with co-op and PVP, and it’s high fantasy set in medieval Britain or Scotland. It’s more immersive and there will be sirens in the game. He wrote: “This is easily From’s most immersive world yet filled to the brim with secrets and stuff From has never done before in multiple areas. I expect fans to have experiences of being drawn into eyecatching locales like a sailor drawn to a siren while other darker things roam… In a world that’s lathered with old school inspirations that would have D.b.weiss and David benioff taking up a whole Tabletop to draw its lifeline and heritage. And don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of weird, dark and bizarre things so typical of From here too.”

He said that communities who felt left out by Sekiro won’t feel left behind in this game, not just because of fashion but because of the creativity offered. “I’m sure plenty of people will love being able to show off their threads while battling alongside or against other warriors and scoundrels. Whether you’re a Social Cat or Titan, this Land is yours to explore.”

He also said there will be experiences for people who like to explore and discover worlds and lore. “There’s plenty of Unearthed Knowledge…” “Interconnected design is larger and deeper than ever and archeologists and spelunkers might just be in for their biggest playground yet.”

He did say that “there is no Feast for Crows here” and people expecting battles between “lions, wolves, stags and giddorah’s might end up disappointed.” (Indicating this is not in the Game of Thrones Universe.)

However, there is some debate on the Reddit thread linked to above about whether his latest information should be believed or not.


The Meaning of Elden Ring’s Rune Symbol


There’s also a lot of speculation about the meaning of Elden Ring’s rune symbol that leaked. (The game was initially referred to as “Great Rune.”) Some who have played Bloodborne say that the symbol resembles a Bloodborne rune.

Some think the rune indicates that the game will be a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls trilogy, as the symbol kind of resembles a revised version of Aldrich Faithful. That’s actually a good point. Here’s the Aldrich Faithful as shared by the Dark Souls Wiki. The Aldrich Faithful is a covenant item in Dark Souls III and the holy symbol of the Cathedral of the Deep.

Aldrich Faithful Dark Soul

FromSoftwareAldrich Faithful Dark Soul

Others think the rune’s lattice pattern is confirmation of a Viking theme.

A detailed Reddit post here posits that the poster has variants of Nordic symbols. The interlocking rings, u/YourDailyDevil noted, are a precursor to the Valknut, which is associated with Odin, fallen warriors, and Valhalla. Interestingly, earlier versions of the Valknut looked more like the photo of Eldenring, known as  Borromean Rings. These rings were used to symbolize the Trinity, they’re an older form of the Valknut, and they’re a coat of arms for an aristocratic family in Northern Italy. They’re also used in mathematics.

The rings in the poster differ slightly in that there are four rings, not just three as shown traditionally.

Others point out that the logo contains an anchor, which fits with a Nordic or Viking theme. Still others said the top of the symbol reminds them of the Nordic Helm of Awe, which is a Norse magical symbol used to guarantee victory and cause terror in enemies.

Miyazaki is a Fan of Martin’s Game of Thrones

On an interesting note, Miyazaki once said he was a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, written by Martin. In an interview with Edge Online in 2013 he said: “I’ve always been such a huge fan of George R.R. Martin that it overwhelms me. His approach to fantasy is kind of like the Romance Of Three Kingdoms, the Chinese historical-political drama, which I’m a fan of as well. The political elements are a lot of fun, and the drama is done really well too.”

He did say that political drama wouldn’t do so well in a game. “There are different types of fantasy, ones that are better told in games and others that would be better in a drama. That political human drama – the relationships between people and stuff – is better suited to a book. I don’t think it would be possible to tell that story with a game, or at least I wouldn’t want to attempt it.”