‘Harry Potter Wizards Unite’: How To Get More Spell Energy When You Run Out

Niantic Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Niantic launched Harry Potter: Wizards Unite a day early and players are already jumping in. But one issue you might run into early is running out of spell energy. How do you get more spell energy once you’ve run out? Here’s what to do.

Spell energy can be obtained at Inns (which is essentially Harry Potter‘s equivalent to Pokestops.) Different colored inns will give different amounts of spell energies. Players have noted that green inns typically have the most spell energy, with blue inns next. Pink inns have the least.

On some occasions, players have noted that Greenhouse may give a spell energy or two to players. So if you’re looking for more spell energies, give that a try.

So where do you find these? Players have said that many inns are churches in real life. You can also go to a nearby large park and you might fund numerous inns and greenhouses for replenishing your spell energy.

You can also gain spell energy by completing daily assignments.

To increase the maximum amount of spell energy that you can hold, players can buy an S.O.S. kit and get +50 spell energy. This will go over your maximum energy storage.

If you run out of spell energy in the middle of a fight, you can spend gold to help finish the fight, but it can take a long time to earn those coins back. The best approach is to make sure you have maximum spell energy before you challenge anything in a fortress. By doing this, you’ll be less likely to run out of spell energy in the middle of a fight and have to resort to coins. So how do you know what your spell energy level is? Just go to your vault page to find out.

The biggest complaint from players so far is that they sometimes struggle with spell energy amounts. Some players have said that when they only find pink inns while walking around, they don’t get enough spell energy and have to ignore traces that show up on their maps. It can be tough to keep playing if you can’t replenish your spell energy easily.

Right now there’s no way to regenerate spell energy over time, but hopefully that feature will be added soon. So no, if you run out of spell energy, it won’t be regenerated when you start playing the next day. You’ll still need to visit inns to get more energy.

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