RAGE 2 Rise of the Ghosts DLC Lets You Drive a Mech

RAGE 2 Rise of the Ghosts

RAGE 2 is the latest game from developer id Software and it made a big, bloody splash with critics and fans. Hailed for its chaotic and engaging gameplay, a new wave of DLC was revealed for this FPS. Unveiled during Bethesda’s E3 conference, the RAGE 2 DLC includes new chest codes, enemies, storylines, and a badass mech you can pilot.

Titled “Rise of the Ghosts,” this expansion will be completely free to RAGE 2 owners and it’s packed with content. Not only will we have a new story, but Rise of the Ghosts introduces a new faction, powers, and an entirely new location to explore. Little is known about the story, but from what we can gather, users will be facing off against the fair-skinned “ghosts” who arrive in the wasteland.

RAGE 2- Official E3 Trailer- All the RAGEA Pilotable Mech? A giant Sandworm? New vehicles? New Cheats? New Game Modes? A new faction!? There’s a lot coming to the wild wasteland of RAGE 2. Watch our official E3 trailer for a preview of some of the newness coming each week, including a preview of our first DLC expansion, Rise of the Ghosts, coming later this year. For more information on RAGE 2, follow these channels: Official Site – https://beth.games/rage Facebook – https://facebook.com/rage Twitter – https://twitter.com/rage Instagram – https://instagram.com/rage ESRB RATING: Mature with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language and Suggestive Themes.2019-06-10T01:14:45.000Z

Other new features include new cheat codes such as low gravity, causing enemies to explode in a bloody mess, and an ejector seat. We also got a glimpse at some new vehicles such as the Armadillo, Skull Motorcycle, and a massive mech. There is no word on if this content will be available right as the DLC releases or if you need to hunt for it in-game. You can also obtain new weapons, one of which appears to be a high-tech Gatling gun.

RAGE 2 Rise of the Ghosts did not receive a release date during the Bethesda E3 2019 conference.

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