5 Dr. Mario World Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The Mushroom Kingdom can never catch a break, huh?

It seems like every time Princess Peach and her lovable cast of characters want to relax, a new threat disrupts their time of peace. And this time, it’s not even Bowser causing all that trouble! A flood of viruses has invaded the kingdom and the only way to get rid of them is by clearing them via puzzles. If this setup sounds familiar to you, then you’ve obviously played the classic puzzler known as Dr. Mario. This new mobile rendition (fittingly named Dr. Mario World) is pretty tough, so we’re here to give you the tips needed to help save the Mushroom Kingdom from those pesky viruses!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Dr. Mario World:

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1. So Which Should Be You First Doctor?

Dr. Mario World Doctors

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

• When you first step into the virus-laden Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll be given the option of selecting from three doctors. Those three doctors are Dr. Mario, Dr. Bowser, and Dr. Peach. The doctor you select will be your main character for a while until you earn enough coins or diamonds to purchase a new one. Whenever you purchase a doctor you already have, that doctor gets an upgrade boost that improves their abilities. Once that already unlocked doctor’s stats max out, you won’t come across them again in the “Staffing” shop. Each doctor comes with a special ability – there’s one that can be applied in “Stage Mode,” while the other ability only applies to “Versus Mode.”

• Dr. Mario’s Stage Mode ability helps him clear one row in the lowest position, while his Versus Mode ability does the same thing. Dr. Bowser’s Stage Mode ability helps him clear two rows at random, while his Versus Mode ability helps him clear one row at random. And Dr. Peach’s Stage Mode ability helps her clear one column at random, while her Versus Mode ability performs the same task. During the early stages of the game, choosing Bowser is the best way to go. His ability can get you out of a pinch during much of the early puzzles when you’re close to running out of moves and don’t have any matches on the stage to save you. Plus his decent Versus Mode stats in the Attack, Speed, and Defense categories should give you an early push to victory.

2. Rotate Your Pills Before You Launch Them and Place Your Half Pill in the Right Location

Dr. Mario World

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

• As soon as a stage begins, examine every virus, powerup, and stage obstacle you can. Once you’re prepared to make your first move, be sure to rotate your pill in the desired direction before you put it to work. Once a pill’s in motion, speed up the process by dragging it right to where you want it to be. Whenever you make a match that splits off the other color attached to the pill you just matched, either put it in its own location or use it to clear some viruses with a match.

• Your main objective is to delete all those darn viruses, so every move you make is crucial. Those half-pill orbs come in handy for setting up matches for viruses placed in the middle of the stage or other hard to reach locations for your pills, so use them wisely. The first 20 stages should properly prepare you for the game’s tougher stages along the way. And remember – the more pills you have leftover once you complete a stage, the more bonus points you’ll get. Those points go towards your star rating for that stage, which then goes toward gifting you with more coins. Completing the game’s “Orders” also rewards you with coins, so stay on top of those!

3. Versus Mode!

Dr. Mario World

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

• Versus Mode is where you’ll be able to take on other players during some heated puzzle battle stages. The doctor you choose to take into these situations plays a vital role in attaining wins due to their special Versus Mode ability. Your main doctor’s stats also come into play here.

• Dr. Mario has an attack rating of two and comes with average speed/defense stats. Dr. Bowser has an attack rating of four, plus he comes with a decent defense rating and an expectedly low-speed rating. As for Dr. Peach, she comes with an attack rating of one but a really good speed rating and high defense. Your best bets for winning your first few Versus Mode matches lie within selecting either Dr. Bowser or Dr. Peach.

4. Dr. Mario World Characters

Dr. Mario World

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

• The first three doctors we’ve already mentioned aren’t the only ones available in Dr. Mario World – there’s a slew of other familiar Mario characters who take on the role of a doctor. And like the first three, they also come with their own Stage Mode and Versus Mode abilities and stats. Check out the list below to see the full lineup of doctors you can unlock within Dr. Mario World (check out the video posted below to see all of the main characters and assistants in action):

Dr. Mario World – All Characters Unlocked + Gameplay ShowcaseGameplay showcase for all 10 playable and all assistant characters in Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android. The playable characters in this game are Dr. Mario, Dr. Peach, Dr. Bowser, Dr. Luigi, Dr. Yoshi, Dr. Toad, Dr. Toadette, Dr. Bowser Jr., Dr. Ludwig and Dr. Wendy. ►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2019)◄2019-07-10T15:08:58Z

Dr. Mario (Stage and Versus Mode Abilities listed in Tip #1)
Dr. Bowser (Stage and Versus Mode Abilities listed in Tip #1)
Dr. Peach (Stage and Versus Mode Abilities listed in Tip #1)
Dr. Luigi
Dr. Yoshi (Stage/Versus Mode Ability: Eliminates three objects at random)
Dr. Toad
Dr. Toadette
Dr. Bowser Jr.
Dr. Wendy
Dr. Ludwig

5. Dr. Mario World Assistants

• Besides unlockable doctors, there are also several assistants you can add to your arsenal. Whenever you step into a Stage Mode or Versus Mode stage, you can choose up to two assistants to take with you. Their passive skills also come in handy when you’re in a tough spot. Here are the full list of assistants, plus a few of their Stage and Versus Mode skills:

Goomba (Stage Mode Skill: Increases score by 1-percent, Versus Mode Skill: If opponent attacks, grants 4-percent chance attack meter fills instantly)
Koopa Troopa
Shy Guy
Piranha Plant
Spike (Stage Mode Skill: Increases base score by 50-points for every green virus eliminated, Versus Mode Skill: Grants 4-percent chance your attacks will be 20-percent faster)
Hammer Bro
Cheep Cheep (Stage Mode Skill: Grants 10-percent chance viruses (1) will be eliminated on stage start, Versus Mode Skill: Grants 10-percent chance your attacks will be 10-percent faster)
Spiny Cheep Cheep
Koopa Paratroopa
Spiny (Stage Mode Skill: Grants 10-percent chance of rapid skill meter increase, Versus Mode Skill: If opponent uses a skill, grants 4-percent chance skill meter fills instantly)
Swoop (Stage Mode Skill: Increases score by 1-percent, Versus Mode Skill: If an object has reached the third row from the bottom line, grants 20-percent chance all capsules will be eliminated; once only)
Huckit Crab
Bullet Bill
Scaredy Rat
Sumo Bro
Porcupuffer (Stage Mode Skill: Grants 10-percent chance of extra three seconds in timed stages, Versus Mode Skill: If opponent attacks, grants 6-percent chance received viruses will be matching-colour)
Buzzy Beetle
Boom Boom
Pom Pom
Para-Beetle (Stage Mode Skill: Grants 20-percent chance a shell will appear on stage start, Versus Mode Skill: If all viruses in your stage are eliminated, grants 20-percent chance a shell will appear)
Crowber (Stage Mode Skill: Grants 10-percent chance of extra capsules (1) on stage start, Versus Mode Skill: Increases number of cleared pieces required to fill both your and your opponent’s attack meters by 10-percent)
Sledge Bro
Banzai Bill (can only be obtained from “Battle Boxes” in Versus Mode)
King Bob-omb (can only be obtained from “Battle Boxes” in Versus Mode)

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