NBA 2K20 Reveals Major MyGM 2.0 Changes

NBA 2K20 MyGM Info

2K Sports Kawhi Leonard is a Clipper now.

While the NBA 2K series has increasingly moved towards a more Park and ProAM scene, there’s still a dedicated playerbase who get excited about a good ol’ fashioned franchise mode and those fans will be pleased about NBA 2K20.

MyGM 2.0 is a complete overhaul of the GM mode as you know it in NBA 2K and it will attract a lot of newcomers and long-time fans back to the series. On July 29, 2K revealed everything that would be changing with this year’s iteration and why it’s worth giving it another look.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at all of the changes coming to MyGM in NBA 2K20, as revealed in a blog post.

MyGM Mode Changes NBA 2K20

2K SportsAction Points force players to prioritize certain things.

What’s Different About MyGM Now?

A major complaint of the MyGM mode was the goals were pretty much the same year after year. Whether it’s your 6th man complaining about not being a starter or a player complaining about their minutes, it was just the same thing every time.

With 2K20, that will no longer be an issue as the team is prioritizing new storylines, goals and tasks for players to encounter.

Instead of feeling like busywork, it seems like MyGM will once again be fun for fans and newcomers alike.

A new Action Points system is being introduced and it means you’ll have to prioritize certain goals over each other. Any core action you choose to do each day, whether it’s talking with players or playing a game yourself, will cost AP so you’ll need to pick and choose wisely.

Difficulties are arriving to MyGM mode and will make players choose between Easy, Medium or Hard and the harder the difficulty, the harder AP will be to come by.

You’ll be able to compare and contrast your GM score on the leaderboards system with other players on the same difficulty as you. What fun is being a GM if you have no way of knowing if you’re the best?

NBA 2K20 MyGM Skill Tree

MyGM 2.0 Skill Trees.

Skill Trees have arrived in NBA 2K20 and you’re able to branch off into five different areas.

  • Leadership (L) – A man of the locker room, a leadership-focused GM is better able to build the trust of those around them, gain boosts for playing games, and lower trust loss in press conferences.
  • Diplomacy (D) – A way with words, a diplomatic GM can build trust by having chit chats with several different groups, can help improve revenue and help sign more big-name free agents.
  • Insight (I) – A deep sense of understanding, an insightful GM can understand what affects the mood and trust of those around him, access the trade finder, or improve scouting.
  • Finance (F) – An eye for the bottom line, a financial GM can improve revenue, sign players for less and gain additional sponsorship slots.
  • Facilities (FC) – A man with the plan, a facility-oriented GM can choose from a specialty facility for a permanent boost to one of five areas, can help boost players on game days or turn high attendance into improved relations with sponsors.

These trees allow you to focus on just what type of GM you want to be and gives a much deeper element of roleplaying than we’ve seen from past 2K titles.

Relationships, goals and tasks will be revamped and overhauled for 2K20, so pretty much everything you’ve known in the past about MyGM mode can pretty much be thrown out the window.

The chemistry and morale aspect has been changed and it will feel more realistic in 2K20 so that’s good news to fans.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that everything you thought you knew about MyGM mode has changed greatly in NBA 2K20. If you want to read through 2K’s lengthy blog post, you are able to do so here.

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