Pokemon Go Raid Bosses: July 2019

pokemon go raid bosses


Here is the list of all of the Pokemon Go Raid Bosses for July 2019, according to The Silph Road and its Subreddit. We will update the list if there are any changes.

Update: New Raid Bosses were added to coincide with the arrival of Team Rocket.


Tier One:

  • Ekans
  • Zubat
  • Meowth
  • Cubone
  • Koffing

    Tier Two:

  • Sandslash
  • Gloom
  • Magneton
  • Muj
  • Sneasel

    Tier Three:

  • Alolan Raichu
  • Machamp
  • Gengar
  • Hypno

    Tier Four:

  • Victreebel
  • Alolan Marowak
  • Houndoom
  • Absol

    Tier Five:

  • Armored Mewtwo (From now until July 31 according to Niantic)

    EX Raid:

  • Speed Deoxys
  • Also remember that you have until July 6 to catch a Pikachu wearing a party hat after taking a GO Snapshot photo or hatch a Pichu wearing a party hat from a 7 km Egg, according to Niantic. In addition, there’s a new Jump-Start Research quest, a higher damage bonus and Premier Balls when fighting Raid Bosses with friends and decreased Stardust costs for trading until September 2.

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