How to Use the Spatula in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Spatula

Riot Games Find out what your Spatula does in Teamfight Tactics right here.

The game of Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games’ League of Legends spin-off, is a complex one and there’s actually a lot that new players have to take in.

One thing to know before you dive in is that items are very important, as they are in League of Legends. Luckily, you are able to play Teamfight Tactics without any prior knowledge of League so don’t let that deter you from playing.

From the second the game starts and you pick your beginning unit, you’ll notice that there are several different items, and without an item guide to reference, there will be a lot of guessing.

You might find yourself holding the Spatula, which on its own does nothing and the game tells you that. However, instead of feeling like you’ve been cheated by getting a bad item, you should know that the Spatula is one of the best items in the game.

Teamfight Tactics Items Chart Cheat Sheet

Riot GamesItems are very important in Teamfight Tactics, including the Spatula.

The Spatula can be combined with a plethora of different items and will help you fill out a team composition that you’re just one unit short of, or it can help you bring a whole new unit into the mix.

Here’s everything your Spatula can do so next time you have one, remember the sheer versatility it has.

  • Spatula + Recurve Bow = Blade of the Ruined King (Wearer is also a Blademaster)
  • Spatula + Tear of the Goddess = Darkin (Wearer is also a Demon)
  • Spatula + Giant’s Belt = Frozen Mallet (Wearer is also a Glacial)
  • Spatula + Chain Vest = Knights Vow (Wearer is also a Knight)
  • Spatula + B.F. Sword = Youmuu’s Ghostblade (Wearer is also an Assassin)
  • Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod = Yuumi (Wearer is also a Sorcerer)
  • Spatula + Negatron Cloak = Runaan’s Hurricane (Attacks 2 extra targets on attack. Extra attacks deal 50% damage)
  • Spatula + Spatula = Force of Nature (Gain +1 team size)

In late-game scenarios, the Spatula always makes for a good target as it will allow you to finish out your team and possibly get some extra buffs at the end that will allow you to remain competitive.

Teamfight Tactics is out now on PC through the League of Legends client.

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