Why is Doug Dimmadome Trending on Twitter?

Pokemon Wheezing Doug Dimmadome

If you just woke up this morning you might be confused why one of the best cartoon characters of all time is trending on Twitter. While no one should ever need an excuse to talk about Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, his recent popularity is actually thanks to a new trailer that released for Pokemon Sword & Shield

In the video, we got a glimpse at a few new Pokemon and variations of existing Pokemon that will be appearing in-game. One of these Pokemon was Weezing, who now possess a fancy mustache and a very tall top hat. This appearance instantly caught the eye of fans as it reminded them of everyone’s favorite Fairly Oddparents character. The internet took the joke and ran with, posting various memes and pictures comparing the two.

Along with Wheezing, we also got a look at a new Galar region version of Zigzagoon and Linoone who now feature stylish stripes. We were also introduced Obstagoon who is the evolved form of Linoone and Morpeko who can change is type after performing a specific attack. This isn’t the first Pokemon to have jokes made at their expense, as the Alola variation of Exeggutor was equally ridiculous.

At least we can rest easy knowing it was Doug Dimmadome trending and not Dinkleberg.

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