Madden 20 QB1: What College Football Teams Are in Face of the Franchise?

Madden 20 QB1

Getty Clemson is one of the teams you can play with in Madden 20's QB1 mode.

Madden 20 offers an exciting new mode called QB1: Face of the Franchise where you will start out by choosing from one of ten college football teams. Fans will start out their journey as quarterback by picking from the following list of college football programs: Texas Longhorns, Florida State Seminoles, Florida Gators, Oregon Ducks, Clemson Tigers, Miami Hurricanes, Texas Tech Red Raiders, USC Trojans, Oklahoma Sooners and LSU Tigers. It is not clear how EA Sports decided on these ten universities, but there are a number of powerhouses included.

For the first time since NCAA Football 14, fans are able to play full college football games. While you will only be able to play a few games, it is at least a small glimpse of hope for those wanting a reboot of the popular college football video game.

After you complete your college career, you will then go through the pre-draft process with a stop at the NFL Combine. Your performance in front of NFL front offices and scouts will help determine where you will get drafted. Once drafted you will be battling for the starting quarterback position and a roster spot depending on where you were selected.

The Longshot Mode Is Gone After 2 Seasons

A FRESH START!! | MADDEN 20 FACE OF THE FRANCHISE #1Madden 20 has arrived and it's time for FACE OF THE FRANCHISE QB1 MODE! Let's hope it's better than Longshot haha. SMASH that LIKE BUTTON for more Madden 20! Follow me on all social media! 🐤 📷 📌Want to become a member of the DenkOps Elite+ and support your boi directly! Click here: 🅾️Subscribe:…2019-07-30T23:30:02.000Z

QB1 is replacing Longshot, Madden’s popular story mode from the past two seasons. Colt Cruise, Devin Wade and company have completed their journeys. The Face of the Franchise feels more about the gameplay and less cinematic than its predecessor. As of now, there does not appear to be any plans to bring back Longshot.

“Devin and Colt’s stories wrapped up in Longshot 2, and we’re looking forward to players experiencing Face of the Franchise: QB1, our new career campaign,” EA Sports told GameSpot.

It will be interesting to see if this is EA Sports way of slowly bringing back the NCAA franchise. The new mode uses fictitious players and coaches, but it at least gives fans the feeling of playing college football once again.

How You Answer Questions Impacts Your Style of Play & Personality in QB1

NFL DRAFT!! | MADDEN 20 FACE OF THE FRANCHISEDJ BABY BOI shows out at the NFL Scouting Combine in this episode of MADDEN 20 FACE OF THE FRANCHISE (QB1) LIKE the video for more!! Follow me on all social media! 🐤 📷 📌Want to become a member of the DenkOps Elite+ and support your boi directly! Click here: 🅾️Subscribe: Thanks for…2019-08-04T00:00:02Z

It is not just your play on the field that impacts your character. Throughout QB1 you will be asked questions which will impact your player’s style of play, attitude and rating. Media members, coaches, players and front-office executives will be asking you questions as you play the mode.

Before you can start your college career, you have to create your player by designing his facial features and providing a few key attributes. The most important thing is your play on the field. If you do not perform well in the game, you will not only have a low player rating but be out of the league.

Overall, the new QB1 mode offers an intriguing new start for the Madden franchise and something the team can build upon for the foreseeable future. While it is far from a full college football game, QB1 is worth the purchase price alone for fans who are missing the NCAA game.

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