5 Vineyard Valley: Design Game Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Vineyard Valley TrailerWatch the exclusive Vineyard Valley game trailer, made by Jam City. Vineyard Valley has been released on both iOS and Android storefronts WORLDWIDE! Features of the game include: 10 Chapters 190 Levels Clubs (with Ask/Send Hearts and Chat) Prestige System End of Content Event – Reserve Room Video Ads – Coin Multiplier Support for 16…2019-08-06T16:51:06.000Z

The Tangled Vines resort is overdue for a mighty makeover!

Thankfully, you’re fully prepared to handle such a tough task. In Jam City’s Vineyard Valley, you’ll solve tile-matching puzzles and help renovate your childhood home alongside Aunt Margaret and your best friend Simone. Completing the game’s increasingly difficult stages means you’ll need to make proper use of special tile pieces, boosters, and the general know-how needed to tackle specific stage goals. All the while, you’ll get entangled in all sorts of drama as you look to revive your hometown’s favorite getaway. With this tips guide, you’ll accomplish that goal in no time!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Vineyard Valley: Design Game:

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1. Finish a Stage With a Few Moves Left and No Special Tiles Left Behind on the Board

Jam City, Inc.

• Nabbing yourself some extra coins for your furniture spending habits can be done by having some moves leftover by the time you complete a stage. If you manage to reach the stage’s goal and have a few moves still in play, the game will translate those moves into special tiles that immediately activate and create major piece matches. These matches usually result in rewarding you with a good amount of coins. Coins can also be earned by fulfilling certain chapter-related missions that require multiple stars to complete and by opening gift boxes.

• By the way, make sure the special tiles you created through your matching work are cleared off the stage before you complete it. Any special tiles that are leftover won’t be used by the game during that instance when it uses your leftover moves to make some important matches by creating its own special tiles. You’re much better off utilizing all your special tile pieces before you fulfill a stage’s main objective.

2. Memorize What Each Special Tile Can Do

Vineyard Valley: Design Game

Jam City, Inc.

• Like most mobile match puzzlers, certain match combinations result in the creation of special tile pieces. In the instance of Vineyard Valley, you’ll have the ability to create a “Bottle Rocket,” “Barrel Bomb,” and “Rainbow Token.” Tapping a group of five similarly colored pieces creates a Bottle Rocket, which helps clear an entire row (the direction it shoots off in depends on where its top portion is aiming).

• Tapping a group of five pieces similarly colored tiles creates a Barrel Bomb, which explodes when tapped in order to clear out any pieces within its vicinity. And finally, tapping a group of nine similarly colored blocks creates a Rainbow Token. Upon activation, this special tile clears off all the tiles on the board associated with that token’s current color.

3. And Be Sure to Combine Those Special Tile Pieces From Time to Time

Vineyard Valley: Design Game

Jam City, Inc.

• As you make your way into tougher stage situations, you’ll need to make careful use of your special tiles. If you think you have the chance to move a special tile right next to another one, do it and watch the magic unfold. Combining special tiles together tends to get you out of a jam every time. Whenever you manage to push a Barrel Bomb near a Rainbow Token, try matching them together to create a bunch of Barrel Bombs that pop up all over the board and instantly explode. Once you combine a Bottle Rocket and a Rainbow Token, tons of rockets will go flying across the board and clear numerous rows/columns in an instant!

• Combining two Bottle Rockets, for example, creates a cross-shaped explosion that clears out a row and a column simultaneously, plus combining two Barrel Bombs causes an even bigger explosion that clears out plenty more pieces. Matching a Bottle Rocket with a Barrel Bomb creates a situation where three rows and three columns get cleared at the very same time. One of the best special tile matches occurs after you combine two Rainbow Tokens helps create a matching situation that’s amazing to witness, too.

4. You Should Only Use Your Boosters After Failing a Stage on Your First Try

Vineyard Valley: Design Game

Jam City, Inc.

• On your very first attempt at beating a puzzle, try completing it without the use of boosters. That way, you can get a handle on how to complete it and may even beat it on your first try! But if you happen to fail, go ahead and use one or even all three of your pre-match selectable boosters to aid you on your next attempt.

• As for the boosters you can select on the right side of the screen while you’re in the middle of a stage, you should only break them out when you’re down to five moves or less. That spoon and pizza cutter especially come in handy when you’re almost out of moves and need to get rid of an ice swan or a row of cups that you have a hard time clearing off the board. The same sentiment applies to the usage of your spatula and whisk. Whenever you have unlimited lives turned on however, don’t use any boosters during the remainder of the time left on that booster. Use that unlimited lives time limit to take on tougher stages and try as many times as you’d like to overcome them without the use of boosters.

5. Purchase the Most Expensive Furniture at First, Then Change it Once You Reach a New Player Level

Vineyard Valley: Design Game

Jam City, Inc.

• Whenever you fulfill a chapter goal that deals with adding a piece of new furniture to your humble abode, always purchase the most expensive one at first. Doing so helps you earn the most experience points and pushes you faster towards reaching the next player level.

• Once that new player level is reached, change up any furniture you may have so you can earn the experience points associated with that unused furniture switch-up. You’ll always earn yourself some bonus experience points as soon as you reach a new level before you even play the next stage and earn yet another star! Once you’ve earned all the experience points tied to all three pieces of furniture for a specific decoration, feel free to change it to the one you desire most.

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