Every Atlas HQ Typhon Log Location in Borderlands 3

There is a lot to do in Borderlands 3, as the game boasts tons of side quests, mini-bosses, and collectibles to obtain. One of these quests involves tracking down the lost logs of the first Vault Hunter, Typhon. Scattered throughout every region and planet, finding all the logs in a specific location will unlock a special chest filled with rare loot. However, uncovering them all can be tricky, especially if you don’t where to look.

Here is the location of every Typhon Log at Atlas HQ so you can get some of that sweet, sweet loot.

Typhon Log 2

Borderlands 3 Atlas HQ Typhon Log

You can find the first Typhon Log on the second floor of the Atlas HQ courtyard. You will need to go all the way to the right if you want to get to this floor. There are no jumping sections for this, so simply make your way to the other side of the balcony to find this log. Keep in mind, there will be quite a few enemies along the way so kill them first.

Typhon Log 2

Borderlands 3 Atlas HQ Typhon

The second Typhon log is located on the second floor inside the Atlas HQ building. When you enter, fight through the hordes of soldiers and robots until you reach an area with a staircase on either side. Go upstairs and then head north towards the balcony overlooking a large lobby. You’ll see the Typhon Log station against the railing before the balcony splits to the left and right.

Typhon Log 3

This Typhon Log is pretty easy to miss since you have no reason to come back to this area. When you reach the back courtyard, use the turrets to fight off the troops attempting to invade Atlas. This gun rips through foes, so you shouldn’t have any issues battling them off. After the fight concludes, go to the right balcony and at the very back, you’ll find the last Typhon Log.

Once all three are acquired, you can find Typhon’s stash in a shop on the second floor of Atlas HQ. This stash is easy to get to since you won’t have any enemies to fight off or areas to jump across. Remember, these chests almost always drop rare loot so it’s worth the extra effort to find them.

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