How to Farm Bosses Fast in Borderlands 3’s Endgame

Borderlands 3 Boss Farm

Borderlands 3 has officially released and already players are looking to break the game. Filled with tons of loot, there are a comical amount of weapon, ability, and item combinations you can craft for your character. This can make farming bosses tricky, as many users won’t always have the same guns, perks, or enhancements. However, Youtuber Admiral Bahroo (who deserves all the credit for figuring this out!) discovered a way to use a quest item to absolutely melt specific bosses.

(Warning Spoilers Ahead!)

As you progress through Borderlands 3, Claptrap will offer the player a side quest called Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s a fairly simple mission, as it tasks you with tracking down some stolen rocks. Once you complete this quest, you’ll earn the Porcelain Pipe Bomb grenade mod, which is all you’ll need to farm certain bosses.

You can see this strategy in action below:

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In the video, Bahroo demonstrates that if you hit the second Vault boss, Graveward, with these grenades it will almost instantly kill the boss. This is because these grenades cause multiple detonations inside the boss once lobbed. We’ve tested it ourselves and the results are rather stunning. However, it will take a bit of practice since determining the angle you need to throw this grenade is tricky.

Since Graveward is rather far away, you really need to wait until he’s up close. If you manage to not completely kill him the first time you’ll need to wait until he launches one of his close-range slams or spews poison. Keep in mind, he’ll be summoning Jabbers to fight alongside him if you don’t nuke this boss.

Once you kill the Graveward all you have to do it quit to the main menu and then load back in. This will respawn the boss and place you above his arena entrance so you can restock. So far this seems to be the best way to reach level 50 after you complete the campaign, along with farming some high tier loot.

We also tested this trick on a few other large-sized bosses. It’s a surprisingly effective strategy and it even melted Tyreen the Destroyer. Remember, if you are farming the final boss she has multiple invulnerability states so you’ll need to space out your grenades. Lobbing them all at once won’t work, so you should only need about 2 well-placed grenades to get her through each chunk of health.

This strategy does not work on smaller, more mobile bosses. You need to pick ones that like to stand still and are remarkably easy to hit. If you’re looking for a fast way to quickly gain a lot of experience, legendary items, and cash this is the best method currently available.

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