How to Get Gems in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour Gems

It wouldn’t be a mobile game if there wasn’t some sort of premium currency. With Mario Kart Tour officially released, players can burn rubber wherever they go. Boasting a variety of karts, characters, and gliders, there’s a lot to collect in this racing game. While you can spend a lot of time grinding for coins by completing races, Mario Kart Tour lets you spend an alternative currency called Gems.

These Gems are used on the Warp Pipe, which acts as the game’s version of a loot box. Spending five Gems will randomly give you a new driver, glider, or kart. Since you cannot use coins on the Warp Pipe, you’ll need to either do a lot of grinding or shell out some real money to obtain Gems. The fastest method is simply by spending cash on various bundles offered in the store.

Here are prices for Gems in Mario Kart Tour:

  • 3 Gems – $1.99
  • 10 Gems – $5.99
  • 23 Gems – $12.99
  • 48 Gems – $26.99
  • 93 Gems – $49.99
  • 135 Gems – $69.99

For those not wanting to spend any money, you can unlock a small number of Gems by playing Mario Kart Tour. As you progress through the game various gifts will be available. Tied to certain Star milestones, these gifts offer everything from new drivers to coins to Gems. Sadly, only a few packages contain Gems and it’s a minimal amount. You can earn some extra Gems in Tour Gifts by signing up for the Gold Pass monthly subscription service.

Sadly, the best way is to just spend money, but since the store makes various drivers, karts, and gliders available we suggest just hoarding coins. The higher your level, the more items will unlock for you to purchase. If you don’t want to spend any money we recommend just collecting as many coins as possible.

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