Mario Kart Tour: Is the Gold Pass Worth It?

Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass Worth it

Mario Kart Tour is the newest mobile game from Nintendo and it’s aiming to take the chaotic races on the go. Like other entries in this franchise, Mario Kart Tour boasts several tracks, characters, and karts that players can use. While some of this can be earned in-game, Nintendo is offering a monthly, paid subscription service for those wanting a bit extra. But at $4.99 a month, one has to wonder if the Gold Pass is even worth it?

For the unfamiliar, this subscription service is tied directly to the various cups and rewards you earn for obtaining Stars. As you progress through the game you’ll begin to unlock Tour Gifts, which will give additional rewards if you’re a Gold Pass member. This includes items such as coins, Gems, and karts. Players will also instantly unlock three additional karts, Mario, and some Gems. Additionally, you will be able to earn Gold Challenge badges and gain access to the 200cc race mode.

Even though this sounds like a lot of content for $4.99 a month, we strongly encourage you not to purchase the Gold Pass. Setting aside the one-time awards you get, the additional rewards you gain access too simply aren’t worth the constant payments. Paying $60 a year for mediocre amounts of currency isn’t worth it in any way. Unless you really, really want to play the 200cc races, then there is no reason to buy the Gold Pass.

Instead, we recommend focusing your energy on just earning stars, completing races, and hoarding coins. If you do want to spend some money, you’re better off just buying some Gems and rolling the dice on the Warp Pipe. The Gold Pass is simply not a good deal, even for hardcore Mario Kart fans.

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