How to Unlock Got Something on Your Face in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Got Something on Your Face

Just like previous entries in this franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare boasts a large collection of achievements tied specifically to the campaign. While some of these challenges are quite tricky, others require you to perform a secret action to unlock. One of these is Got Something on Your Face, which is tied to the Captive mission. To complete this achievement, all you have to do is spit in Barkov’s face.

When you start the mission, Barkov has his men take your brother and then make you follow him to another room. He will then instruct you to sit in the chair before he begins the interrogation. During his first question, when the different dialogue prompts appear, press R3 (Right Stick Button) to spit in his face. 

Do not select any other option, otherwise, you will need to restart the checkpoint. Evening insulting Barkov will not cause Farrah to spit in his face. After you perform this action you will instantly unlock this easy achievement and can progress with the level. Keep in mind, this isn’t the only achievement in the Captive mission. There is also Dodged a Bullet, which requires you to never get hit by a sniper round during your escape. So make sure to hug cover and wait for an opening once you get outside.

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