Pokemon GO Darkrai: Max CP & Stats

pokemon go darkrai max cp


Darkrai will make its Pokemon GO debut as a Raid Boss during the Halloween Event 2019, according to Niantic.

You can fight and catch Darkrai in five star Raid Battles during Halloween event 2019 from October 17 at 1 p.m. PDT to November 1 at 1 p.m. PDT.

Once you manage to catch one, you might wonder what its max CP and stats are. Well here they are.

Note: These stats were listed on GamePress and are subject to change once Darkrai is officially released.

Max CP at Level 40: 3,739
Lowest CP at Level 40: 3,284

Max CP at Level 20: 2,136
Lowest CP at Level 20: 1,877

Attack: 285
Defense: 198
Stamina: 172

Type: Dark

Quick Moves: Snarl, Feint Attack
Charge Moves: Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse

Darkrai would absolutely be worth powering up. As GamePress said, Darkrai is poised to be one of the best counters to many of the strongest Pokemon in PvP, including Mewtwo, Lugia, Metagross, Giratina, Jirachi, Deoxys and many more. It will probably be one of the best dark-type counters in PvE as well. Just be careful around Machamp and other fighting-types.

As for its moveset, the most optimal one would probably be Feint Attack and Shadow Ball. Feint Attack has slightly more damage per second (DPS) than Snarl, but the latter has more energy per second allowing you to use Charge Moves faster according to stats on GamePress. Both Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse are effective against ghost- and psychic-types, but Shadow Ball looks to have more power than Dark Pulse despite the lack of Same Type Attack Boost (STAB). Focus Blast would be useful as a second move for more type coverage, but there are dedicated fighting-types with better moves if you want fighting-type damage.

Darkrai isn’t the only new Pokemon that will be added with the Halloween event 2019. The Unova region ghost-type Pokemon Yamask and its evolution, Cofagrigus, will both make their debut in Pokemon GO along with their Shiny forms.

During the event, certain Pokemon will appear in the wild with special costumes. This includes Bulbasaur wearing a Shedinja hood, Charmander wearing a Cubone hood, Squirtle wearing a Yamask hat and Pikachu wearing a Mimikyu costume. According to Niantic, they also have a rare chance of appearing in their shiny forms in addition to wearing special costumes.

More ghost- and dark-type Pokemon will appear in the wild, Eggs and in Raids during the event. Players will also get twice the Candy for catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon.

Players will also get the chance to complete exclusive Field Research Tasks for the duration of the event. The blog post from Niantic also mentions that players should check out the Special Research menu when the event begins as they “might face a Forbidden Pokemon.” This refers to Spiritomb, which was one of the rewards for the Special Research quest during last year’s Halloween event according to our previous report. It looks like we’ll get a similar quest this year.

The event also introduces permanent additions to the game. Starting October 17, the Pokemon Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Electabuzz, Magmar, Lapras, Mareep, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Sableye, Trapinch, Cacnea, Shuppet and Duskull will join the pool of Shadow Pokemon used by Team GO Rocket. You can also get a Zubat Bag, a Pikachu Onesie, a Cubone Cap, a Litwick Cap and a Mimikyu Bag in the in-game Style Shop.

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