How to Beat the A Link to the Chain Challenge in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 A Link to the Chain Challenge

A new Destiny 2 challenge for the Garden of Salvation raid has officially launched and it’s tied to the second encounter. Called “A Link to the Chain,” this challenge is a little tougher than last week’s, which only asked players not to kill any of the Cyclops’ around the Harpy. This guide will be breaking down the challenge and is written under the assumption that the reader knows the base encounter.

This week’s challenge requires all players to tether to the box(es) at the same time, regardless of where they are. You can lose the Enlightenment buff, but fireteam members must all tether to the tower(s) within a second or two of one another. If one of your teammates doesn’t get the buff upon refresh then you will fail the challenge. We strongly recommend running Mobility mods to increase your speed.

(Credit to SayNoToRage and his team for figuring out this challenge.)

When the encounter starts, break up into three teams of two. Have the team on the right and left push down their respective hallways, while the third team defends the spawn tower. The spawn team should not kill their Angelic until both the right and left team have slain theirs. Once this happens, kill the spawn Angelic, and then all three teams of two should tether at the same time.

Now have one person from the right and left team push to the back tower and clear out the enemies. After the last Angelic falls, have the person defending the right tower go refresh with the two at the back tower. At the same time, the player defending the left tower should refresh with the team back at spawn.

This means there will be two teams of three refreshing at the same time. These will be the teams that refresh together throughout the entire encounter. Once the refresh is done, the right and left tower defenders should go back to their respective towers and defend.

When Angelics begin to arrive, both the person responsible for that base and the floater for that side need to quickly kill them. As soon as the Angelics are killed, both teams should refresh their buff at the same time.

If you need to refresh when Angelics arrive, that team of three should quickly move to another box. Ideally, you’ll want to refresh before the phrase “Undergrowth Defenses Deployed” appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. This indicates when the Angelics and shielded enemies will arrive. Staying ahead of the Angelics is critical, but make sure to have an emergency plan if you do need to obtain the buff and that box is locked.

Repeat this four times until the walls drop and you can move into the center.

From here, just form a six-man chain from the box to the tower in the center between each wave. Make sure to designate someone as the box shooter so there isn’t a ton of chaos when your entire team is getting the buff. Blast through both waves of enemies and you will finish this challenge.

Keep in mind, this is not the Repulsion Theory challenge, which asks players to only tether when they aren’t Enlightened. That challenge can be completed at any time, unlike A Link to the Chain. You’ll have to wait another three weeks for this to appear if you miss it. Because of this, we suggest completing this challenge this week if you are going for the Enlightened title.

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