Dauntless Arrives on Nintendo Switch With a Huge Update

Dauntless Nintendo Switch

The free-to-play RPG Dauntless is headed to the Nintendo Switch. Revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct, this title will be available today for all Switch users and include cross-platform support. This means if you play on Xbox One, PC, or PS4 you can play with your friends on Switch. Along with Nintendo Switch, today is Dauntless’ debut in Japan across all supported platforms.

For the unfamiliar, Dauntless is an RPG that’s similar to Capcom’s smash-hit, Monster Hunter: World. Players assume the role of a hunter who is tasked with slaying giant creatures called Behemoths. Killing these beasts will reward crafting materials, allowing you to upgrade and improve your gear, so you can take on stronger monsters. Completely online, users can play with up to four players at a time. Additionally, Dauntless features a battle pass that allows players to earn various cosmetic rewards.

Along with Dauntless’ arrival on Nintendo Switch, players will also get to jump into the new Stormchasers update. The biggest, free content drop in Dauntless’ history, Stormchasers includes a variety of new features such as a new Hunt Pass. Double Behemoth encounters Users will also be able to explore the history of Ramsgate, along with experiencing the brand new mode, Escalation. In this activity, Slayers will need to face off against waves of increasingly stronger Behemoths. As your team progresses, the Behemoths will gain additional modifiers, making them harder to take down.

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If Slayers make it to the fourth round, they will be able to face off against the mountable Malkarion Behemoth. To give players a fighting chance, they will be able to purchase various offensive and defensive boosts with talent points. In addition to Malkarion, Escalation will also task users with fighting against two Behemoths at once.

Dauntless is now available for the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 with the Switch version releasing later today.

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