Where to Farm Fallen Captains in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Fallen Captain Farm

With Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn officially underway, players will be flocking to the new activities on Mercury. Along with The Sundial, players can complete various bounties handed out by Obelisks to earn Polarized Fractaline. One of these bounties – Leaderless, They Fall, asks you to kill 50 enemies with a sniper rifle and claim the life of 20 Fallen Captains. While the sniper kills are easy enough, finding a place to farm Fallen Captains may not be obvious to new players.

When you grab the bounty head to the EDZ and land in the Trostlands. Follow the path to the right of the church until you reach Maevic Square. Go through the buildings until you reach the square and kill the Fallen Captain by the statue in the middle. Now immediately turn around, head back through the building and down the hill until you see “Trostlands” appear in the bottom left corner.

Right when this appears, turn around and go back to that same location to kill the captain. Doing this will repeatedly spawn the Fallen Captain, making him a very, very easy enemy to farm. While you can do Lost Sector bosses, this typically takes longer and will put more of a strain on your ammo. This red-bar Fallen Captain will count towards your progress, so just kill him 20 times instead!

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