How to Get Gun Charms in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Gun Charms

A new update for Apex Legends has been sent live and it’s introducing a number of changes. While many will be grinding through the staggering 400 additional player levels, developer Respawn Entertainment has also introduced Gun Charms, which are cute little items that dangle off the side of your weapon. Equippable to any firearm, these charms range from simple items such as grenades to bobbleheads of certain Legends. If you’re looking to further bling out your weapons, you’ll want to earn a few of these charms.

You can unlock Gun Charms by either purchasing them from the store, using crafting materials, or obtaining them via Apex Packs. Additionally, you’ll unlock a special Gun Charm for reaching rank 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500. The most common way to obtain these new cosmetics is through Apex Packs, which are now dropping as you level up through your new player ranks. Assuming you’re at Level 100, there are a total of 199 loot boxes you can unlock by progressing through the ranks.

Alternatively, you can buy these Gun charms with crafting materials if you have enough of them. The price for these items ranges between 400-1,200 crafting materials. Respawn Entertainment will periodically be selling these charms in the shop, so if you’re not opposed to spending real cash you can directly purchase them.

We recommend you simply wait and unlock them via the Apex Packs you will obtain as you rank up. Unless there’s one you really, really want, it’s a waste of money to purchase one if you still have a lot of levels to grind. Wait until you run out of Apex Packs to earn before you stop dropping actual money on these items. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to obtain these Gun Charms by just playing the game.

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