Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: How to Find, Collect and Use D Medals

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One of the most essential items you’ll come to collect in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot are D Medals.

D Medals are essential towards unlocking new Super Attacks for every playable character in the game. D Medals can usually be found around the many open-world environments you’ll explore – you can pinpoint their exact location much easier just by using the Ki search option. D Medals can also come into your possession whenever you meet the criteria for item unlocks within the Z Encyclopedia. By fulfilling all the different requirements for unlocks in the Relation Chart, Characters, World, Bestiary, Vehicles, Items, Terms, Cards, Videos, and BGM sections on the table of contents, you’ll be gifted with even more D Medals. And finally, completing side quests will also bring you a Z Medal or two for your troubles.

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Once you come upon a Training Ground (which is represented by a blue flame aura that can be located around the many locales you’ll explore), head on over to it so you put your D Medals to work. Training Grounds play the part of throwing your characters into battles that bestow them with new Super Attacks upon completion. And of course, you’ll need some D Medals in order to take advantage of this function. Training Grounds can also be more easily located by using the Ki search function, by the way.

Once you acquire a new Super Attack, make sure to set it to your current character’s Super Attack Palette right away. If you’re looking for an easier way to remember which attack is assigned to which button, try assigning two Ki beam attacks to the first two Super Attack buttons while attaching two melee attacks to the last two Super Attack buttons. By collecting plenty of Z Orbs and Z Medals around Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s varied locations, you’ll upgrade your Z Warriors’ abilities and acquire new Super Attacks in no time. Plus you can further improve on each character’s power level and unlock even more abilities by using D Medals to modify your training module at the Capsule Corporation.

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