What is Temtem? The Pokemon Clone That’s Dominating Steam



Released into early access and skyrocketing straight to the top of Steam’s Best Sellers chart, Temtem is being called a Pokemon killer upon release.

Whether it’s able to live up to that illustrious goal remains to be seen, but the early returns so far are it has a pretty good chance of doing so.

The game borrows nearly the same format as the Pokemon series – players move area to area collecting monsters and fighting gym leaders – except this time you can do it while surrounded by other players.

Temtem’s world will feel much more alive than a Pokemon game, even Sword and Shield, could ever feel thanks to the abundance of players on the same server as you.

temtem pokemon killer

Can Temtem live up to the hype of being a Pokemon killer?

Think back to summer 2016 when Pokemon Go first launched, take the popularity surrounding the game and put it into Temtem. Instead of players walking around you with their phones out, they’ll instead be walking through the virtual grass with you.

You even have the chance to play this game completely co-op, making it an extremely inviting game to play with a friend. With a price tag of $35, it’s even cheaper than a Pokemon title.

At any given time on launch day, Temtem was sitting around 20,000 concurrent players on Steam, which is impressive for a game that launched with no fanfare and was funded through a Kickstarter.

Keep in mind that the game is in early access so there is going to be a fair share of bugs that plague the game. On launch day, servers were not able to handle the massive influx of players, which could actually be considered to be a good problem depending on how you look at it.

Despite launch day not being very stable, it’s clear an interest is there for the game, evidenced by the positive reviews by players. Most of the negative reviews point out the long wait times to get into the game, so once that’s fixed, it should be smooth sailing.

Since it’s in early access, there will be plenty of updates put into the game and there will definitely be some growing pains. For the time being, the game is available on PC only, but that will be changing soon.

It will eventually make its way over to the other platforms like PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch, but no concrete release date has been locked down as of yet.

If you’re interested in picking the game up on PC, you can do so on Steam right here.

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