How to Play Apex Legends on Android Phones

Apex Legends Android Phones

When it comes to mobile battle royale games, there’s actually some heavy hitters available for players. Both PUBG and Fortnite are available on mobile devices, but Respawn Entertainment’s hero-based multiplayer game is surprisingly absent. While there’s no official version of Apex Legends on mobile devices, Android smartphone users can play the game via Nvidia GeForce Now streaming service. Unfortunately, the experience is not exactly stellar, but if you do want to play Apex Legends on your Android device here’s how to enjoy this game on the go.

Before we go over the steps, we strongly recommend using either a Bluetooth Xbox One or PS4 controller. Again, this game isn’t designed for phones, so the onscreen layout isn’t superb. Using a controller will make your experience much better since you’ll be up against PC players, who will typically crush most people using the mobile prompts. You’ll also want a mount to hold your phone like the Ovio PS4 Controller Clamp or Chasdi X1 Controller Phone Holder Clamp. Additionally, you will need an EA Origin and Nvidia account to access Apex Legends.

Once you have these items, follow these steps to start playing Apex Legends on Android smartphones:

  • Download the Nvidia GeForce Now App
  • Make and Sign-In to Your Nvidia Account
  • Search For Apex Legends 
  • Add Apex Legends to Your Game Library
  • Launch the Game
  • Login to Your EA Origins Account
  • Enjoy

Keep in mind, your experience playing online will vary based on your own connection and which Nvidia GeForce Now tier you’re using. While the game works, it’s not exactly ideal and it can be a bit laggy online. Given how much movement and speed matter in Apex Legends, having any input or game lag could easily mean your demise.

There are two tiers that players can pick from when using Nvidia GeForce Now. The free tier only allows users to play one hour at a time while the Founders tier gives you four hours for $4.99 a month. Honestly, unless you plan to play on your phone a lot, the free tier is recommended.

Unfortunately, players will need to wait until an official mobile version of the game releases. Last year, EA revealed that the earliest this version will appear is sometime after October 2020. This means, playing on the Nvidia GeForce Now is one of the best methods of bringing this battle royale title to your phone. But, since there are no servers specifically designed for phone users, your experience will wildly vary – especially if you’re not on a great internet connection.

Personally, we don’t suggest playing Apex Legends on phones. This game is clearly designed for console and PC players, so you’ll be handicapping yourself if you go through Nvidia GeForce Now. For now, just stick to the platforms that Apex Legends is supposed to be played on and pick up Fortnite or PUBG instead. Both are much better on mobile and have been optimized for phone users. Nvidia GeForce Now is much better for single-player titles since you won’t have to worry as much about your connection speed and other users.

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