Fortnite Brings Back Launch Pad In v11.50 Update

Fortnite launch pad jump pad

Epic Games

Mobility has finally returned to Fortnite Chapter 2 as part of the v11.50 update.

This patch reintroduced the Launch Pad into the mix, which will be greatly appreciated by fans because before, the game had practically no mobility. If you were caught out in no man’s land with the storm closing in, there wasn’t much you could do.

As Chapter 2’s first season draws to a close, we finally have a way to get around the map. Longtime players will instantly remember the Jump Pad and how useful it was in getting out of sticky situations, but newer players might not realize the impact this new item has.

The Jump Pad is an item that can be placed on any floor, and when you jump on it you’ll be sent soaring into the air which means you can use it to traverse the storm, escape from battles, or even get the drop on unsuspecting players.

There are several different ways this item can be utilized, which is why it’s so nice to see it finally make a return.

fortnite launch pad

Epic GamesNow players are able to jump on unsuspecting players.

With that said, you won’t be finding it in the Arena mode just yet as Epic Games revealed they are only going to have it unvaulted in non-competitive playlists.

It’s a curious decision that might leave some players scratching their heads, but it might be possible Epic just wants to ease new items into the competitive playlists instead of dumping it all in at once.

Fortnite has changed a lot since we last saw Jump Pads, so maybe the devs wanted to make sure everything goes well and meshes together before putting it into modes where money is potentially on the line.

If this is the case, it proves Epic has grown a lot since the summer of the World Cup, where each patch changed up the meta while the qualifiers were going on.

Also introduced with this patch is the new LTM Search and Destroy and with it, the Love & War challenges. There are several free cosmetics up for grabs for players who finish the challenges, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Fortnite is out now for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC via the Epic Games Launcher, iOS, and Android devices.

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