Metro Exodus Sam’s Story: Is It Worth It?

Metro Exodus Sams Story Worth It

Metro Exodus’ final DLC has finally arrived and it revolves around one of Artyom’s allies, Sam. A U.S. Marine stationed in Moscow when the bombs drop, Sam’s Story follows his journey to get back to San Fransico so he can, hopefully, reunite with his family. Priced at $17.99, this is separate DLC can be accessed regardless if you’ve beaten the game or not. However, unless you’re a mega-fan of the Metro series, one has to wonder if Sam’s Story is a must-have for players.

Unlike Two Colonels, Sam’s Story is a superb DLC that offers a terrific amount of gameplay for the $17.99 price tag. Just focusing on the core campaign missions, Sam’s Story will take roughly 7-10 hours to complete depending on your skill level. However, this DLC boasts a number of secondary locations and side quests for players to experience. This is a stark contrast to Two Colonels, which was a very linear experience that was pretty short.

If you explore every location and complete the optional side quest, then you’re looking at around 15 hours of gameplay. Set in the flooded city of Vladivostok, players will face off against a number of different mutants and human enemies. There are only two new enemy types and one new weapon in Sam’s Story. Finally, this DLC features the same moral choices that you see in Metro Exodus. These not only change how characters perceive you, but how the final moments of the story unfold.

Having played through everything that Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story offers, we recommend this expansion to both hardcore and casual fans. This DLC is meatier than Two Colonels and you can easily sink several hours into Sam’s Story. We strongly recommend picking this one up, especially if you enjoyed the core gameplay loop of Metro Exodus. Vladivostok is a massive map and there’s quite a lot to do for $17.99. This DLC is also noticeably harder than Two Colonels, so if you’re looking for a solid challenge then make sure to pick up Sam’s Story.

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