Metro Exodus Sam’s Story: Night Vision Goggles Location

Metro Exodus Sams Story Night Vision Goggles

The latest and final expansion for Metro Exodus has finally released. Centering around Sam, players will get to explore the flooded city of Vladivostok in an attempt to find a way back to the United States. Like the base game, users will have an open hub world they can freely explore. Filled with collectibles and optional gear, it’s more than possible to miss entire sections of this DLC. One of these items is the Night Vision Goggles, which will make some of the later portions much easier.

After you are given the boat, you will be asked to suss out the captain’s location by visiting one of his hideouts. Ignore this and head for the first building directly in your path that’s marked with a question mark on the map. Inside you will find several humanimals roaming around, along with a few deadly plants. Kill these beasts and progress through the building until you reach an area where Sam ahs to squeeze past a bookcase.

This will trigger a brief in-game cutscene where Sam is attacked by a humanimal wearing night-vision goggles! Kill this enemy after Sam takes the goggles and then loot the room. Now exit the way you entered this room, but turn left into the room where a few humanimals busts through the wall. Quickly kill them and make a mad dash for the boat. There will be a ton of enemies that spawn and it’s easier to just ditch them than waste all your ammo fighting through the horde.

Congratulations, you now have a fancy pair of night vision goggles that you can equip at any time!