10 Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The newest mobile game entry within the still-thriving Game of Thrones franchise is a better than expected mobile RPG.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall takes fans on a journey that takes place 48 years before the events of the TV series. Lord Commander Brynden Rivers aka “Bloodraven” goes missing during a personal trek beyond the Wall. His absence relinquishes his responsibilities of commanding the Night’s Watch and defending the Wall now falls to you. Besides these important duties, you’ll also be tasked with sending your ravens out to collect items and recruit more defenders, engage in hard-fought encounters across a variety of battle modes and play through the adventures of iconic Game of Thrones characters. This essential guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the ins and outs of this latest mobile Game of Thrones experience.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall:

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1. Speed up Your Battles and Let the Auto Option Take Care of All Your Problems

• At first, you’ll need to rely on your own battle instincts during the game’s beginning stages. But once you get the chance to activate the double battle speed and Auto options, you should rely on them from that point forward. Focus on upgrading your units within the Barracks and heroes within the Hearth in order to make sure they head into each subsequent battle at their very best.

• With an array of strong units and heroes on your ever-growing roster, they’ll have no issue taking down the opposition presented to them during Beyond the Wall, Hero Arena, Challenges, Challenge Boss, and Legendary Events battles. Allowing the game to chose your battlefield units for you is also a wise move since it usually selects the ones who gain an advantage based on their regional affiliation. Which hero gets placed in the leadership role for a battle is the one decision that should be completely up to you.

2. It’s Time to Go Beyond the Wall…

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Behaviour Interactive Inc.

• When you decide to go “Beyond the Wall,” you’ll run into enemy encounters within the story. For every story-based battle you participate in, make sure you complete it in order to earn a perfect three-star rating. Completed stages with that rating allow you to farm them for currency and unit/hero upgrading items if you have the food (which acts as your stamina) to do so.

• When you’re about to log off for the day, make sure you put this patrol option to good use by farming a particular stage and using up all of its daily challenge attempts. Once you’ve used them all up, you’ll have quickly gathered up a ton of useful items and player XP. When you run out of food, purchase some more until you can’t anymore so you can repeat the process before you leave the game for the day. By the time you return, your food rations will have automatically been restored and the number of times you can purchase refills will also be restored. Earning a three-star rating on every stage for a chapter also gets you access to three chests full of awesome loot, by the way.

3. There are Even More Tasks to Handle Beyond the Wall…

• Besides story mode battles, you’ll also spot random enemy encounters pop up on the North of the Wall map. Be sure to tend to these battles before you log off for the day – they usually provide you with even greater items. Flash Events tends to award you with extra Food, so take them down once you’re low on energy and need them for a few more active campaign battles or patrols.

• Also, be sure to fulfill your Expedition missions for the day – make sure you have the character specifications needed for all three daily expeditions to be tended to and completed. As for the Weirwood Forays battles, you should always use up all three of your attempts. All three of those ventures into the Weirwood Forays should push you to navigate all three paths and acquire as many post-battle goodies and XP as possible.

4. Get to Work Within the Barracks

• By playing through the game’s many battle modes, acquiring numerous rewards through various means and taking advantage of the Night’s Watch Oath recruitment option, you can get your hands on all types of new units and heroes. When you enter the Night Oath’s Watch, you should save up enough currency so you only have to rely on the 10 Draws method for character recruitment and Tactic Scroll Shipments.

• By doing so, you’ll have a higher chance of getting new characters and Tactics Scrolls alongside copies of both that help upgrade the unlocked versions you already have. Be sure to upgrade your units equally so they’re ready to take on all comers within the game’s many battle modes, too.

5. Tend to Your Heroes Within the Hearth

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Behaviour Interactive Inc.

Game of Thrones’ most recognizable characters can be unlocked and used for battle, of course. Upgrading them is an activity that you can focus on doing from within the Hearth. The two most important upgrades for each hero you must consider is their main Tactic Card and Hero Traits.

• Make sure every hero has a Tactic Card equipped to them and also make sure you pour their Trait Points into both of their sub-class paths. So say, for instance, one of your heroes can upgrade along the Aggressive and Devastating paths. In order to make that hero as well-rounded as possible, use your Trait points to unlock one major upgrade on the first Aggressive path then switch off to the Devastating path to do the same. Then go back and forth between each one to unlock new Hero Traits for them over time.

• As for Tactic cards, be sure to get your hands on Tactic Card EXP Cards so you can continually upgrade your characters’ main Tactic Card. And use copies of other Tactical Cards you may purchase within the Merchant’s Honor Shop to amplify a character’s chosen Tactic Card. Once you finally acquire a Tactic Card that a specific hero can use, attach it to them ASAP! Then go right ahead and equip their previously upgraded Tactic Card to a separate hero who still doesn’t have a signature Tactic Card attached to them yet.

6. Before You Take on Legendary Events…

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Behaviour Interactive Inc.

• You’ll want to make sure you’ve unlocked a hero for an unbeaten Legendary Event battle first. Rushing into a battle for a popular character you haven’t even added to your own roster yet will cause them to be under-leveled and too weak to complete their signature Legendary Event.

• So make sure you earn a hero first and upgrade them as much as possible before you attempt to complete their Legendary Events battle – completing it will help you earn some incredible rewards. Having strong heroes and units on hand is also helpful when it comes to getting big damage on a Challenge Boss – hitting certain damage dealt milestones will get you access to a new Tactic Card, a Tactic Card EXP Card or both.

7. Venture to the Lodge

• The Lodge acts as passive resource and warrior recruitment missions for your Ravens and Recruiters. As the affinity level for an explored region increases, the better the rewards will be once your units come back from their timed excursion.

• Once you’ve leveled up a region, head on to the next one and repeat the process. You’ll want to make sure each explorable region is equal to the other when it comes to its affinity level. Watch Recruiters energy may be too little and make this activity a lengthy one to endure, but the awesome reards you’ll earn from your Lodge efforts are worth the long waits.

8. Make Haste for the Hero Arena!

• The Hero Arena is another space that’s filled with great rewards to acquire through the course of repeated battles. Every time you log in, make sure you don’t log out until you’ve used all of your five free chances at taking part in Hero Arena battles. Get a good winning streak going by taking on enemy parties you have a realistic chance of defeating so you can earn Honor points for Merchant purchases and increase your overall ranking over time. Also, try to reach the maximum amount of battles won for the current Hero Arena season so you can gain all of its reward chests.

• If you happen to have a few Arena Challenge Passes on hand, it’s best if you use them during the last day of current the Hero Arena season. Doing so should help you complete a bunch of battles in quick succession with your overpowered party and rise up the Hero Arena rankings in a much quicker fashion during the season’s final day. By the way, make sure you check The Wall and Challenges tabs on the Leaderboard from time to time to see if your efforts in both areas have earned you some new rewards.

9. Check In Everyday for an Overload of Rewards

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall regularly rewards you just for checking in on a daily basis. The Merchant’s Errands tab is home to Consecutive Login goodies, timed Energy Giveaways, and Daily Bonus items.

• Be sure to take note of the other tasks listed within the Merchant’s Errands, too – fulfilling them also gets you plenty of other awesome rewards. Also, be sure to check the tab for the current event taking place – over the course of the seven days provided for an ongoing event, do your best to complete each daily listing of tasks so you can eventually obtain a powerful new hero.

10. Make Your Daily Quests Completion Task an Everyday Priority

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Behaviour Interactive Inc.

• See that list of tasks associated with the Daily Quests tab? You should always go out of your way to complete every mission on that list on a daily basis. By sticking to this method, you’ll earn three extra reward chests every day and earn the maximum amount of activity points required to earn three more worthwhile reward chests.

• Completing each daily quest nets you more currency and player XP, so those two gifts are two more reasons why you should always complete your daily quests every time you log in.

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