Every Starter in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX


A remake of the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team has made its way to the Switch. While it is a remake, this will also be the first time many players try the game out.

Since the game is old in terms of Pokemon generations, players won’t be running into any critters from Sword and Shield, but there will still be plenty of recognizable names in this game.

At the beginning of Mystery Dungeon, players will pick from a whopping 16 Pokemon, all from the first three generations of the game.

All 16 Starters

pokemon mystery dungeon rescue team dx starters

Your typical starters make appearances here such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Chikorita, etc. all make appearances here, but this game also opens it up a bit more.

There’s actually some non-traditional starters on the list such as Meowth, Psyduck and Machop, just to name a few.

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Pikachu
  • Meowth
  • Psyduck
  • Machop
  • Cubone
  • Eevee
  • Chikorita
  • Cyndaquil
  • Totodile
  • Treecko
  • Torchic
  • Mudkip
  • Skitty

Like the mainline games, each of these Pokemon come with their own special set of moves, so that will be worth researching.

With the dungeon crawling nature of this game, it’s important to have a strong move set, but even more important to have a ranged move such as Razor Leaf, which is where Bulbasaur would come into play.

Of course, you can still be successful with any of the starters, even Machop, so it’s hard to go wrong with whoever you decide to choose. You’ll continue to fill out your team with other Pokemon found in the game, so who you pick in the beginning won’t necessarily doom you one way or another.

With that said, don’t come into this game expecting a traditional Pokemon adventure as this will not deliver in that aspect. If you’re looking for a twist from the normal formula, then you might find a lot to like with the Mystery Dungeon series.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 6.

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