How to Visit Tarantula Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tarantula Island

There are a lot of beautiful, luxurious islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Most locations contain exotic fruit, bugs, fish, and even some villagers you can recruit. However, there’s one nightmarish location that players are flocking too because of the massive potential to earn a ton of Bells. This is Tarantula Island, a location filled with deadly spiders that can knock out your character with a single bite. However, it will take a little bit of work and some luck to land on this private nightmare in the sea.

To get to Tarantula Island you need to first progress through the game far enough that you can purchase a Nook Ticket for 2,000 Nook Miles. This sends players to a random island where they can gather resources or speak to the locals. If you go at night, you have a chance to arrive on Tarantula Island. You’ll know it’s Tarantula Island because there will be a ring of water around a large piece of land, forming a makeshift arena.

animal crossing new horizons tarantulas

NintendoTarantulas are an excellent source of bells, so take advantage of that!

It’s completely random if you go there, but you do have to travel at night so plan accordingly. Once you land, you’re free to hunt and capture these bugs until your inventory is filled. Each one goes for 8,000 Bells, making this a very lucrative farming spot. If a tarantula does knock you out, you’ll just awaken by the plane so don’t worry about being sent back to your own island.

Farming all these spiders may take some time, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. You can earn big bucks by selling Tarantulas and most people pay off their loans this way. Another island to keep an eye out for is one filled with Peaches. This is a rare fruit that goes for 500 Bells a piece, making it worth harvesting and planting a few back home!

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