How to Get the Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Grenade Launcher Location

Resident Evil 3 is finally here and there’s a whole horde of ghastly undead abominations attempting to kill you. To survive, you’ll need an arsenal of potent firearms to takedown these horrific foes. Perhaps the most powerful weapon in the game is the grenade launcher, which lets you fire Acid, Flame, Explosive, and Mine rounds. Superb against bosses and tougher enemies, the grenade launcher can quickly turn a fight around if used correctly. While you’ll find one in a Safe Room before a big boss fight, this weapon can actually be acquired earlier in the game.

Grenade Launcher Location

After you get the power and subway coordinates inputted, make your way back to the station. This will trigger a cutscene and gameplay segment where Nemesis chases Jill into the sewers. Take a deep breath because you’re safe from Nemesis for now. Make your way through the sewers and kill the first horrid Gamma you come across.

Be patient and only shoot when its mouth is open. This creature can instantly kill Jill if you’re grabbed, so always keep your distance. Once the first one is killed take a left in the first fork in the road. This will lead you down a path towards a second Safe Room dubbed the “Office” on the map. But don’t drop your guard, there’s another Gamma waiting for you near the entrance so once again take your time and kill this beast.

Inside the Safe Room, you’ll find the grenade launcher with two rounds of Flame Grenades. This weapon takes up two inventory slots, so plan accordingly when you’re deciding what to carry. We advise you to bring the grenade launcher while you’re in the sewers since the Flame Grenades do insane damage to the Gammas. Just remember, when you use this against Nemesis he will dodge the round so aim at the ground!

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