NBA 2K20: How to Download ‘The Last Dance’ 1997-98 Roster

NBA 2K20 NBA 2K20 - Michael Jordan in the Last Dance Roster

Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls’ The Last Dance documentary seemed to take over the world on Sunday night with its red-hot opening two episodes.

Many fans got an opportunity to see Jordan in a different way than they were accustomed to seeing him. For some fans who perhaps weren’t alive or old enough to remember the NBA close to the end of the last century, the documentary is offering a glimpse into late-90s basketball.

NBA 2K20 Last Dance Roster

Some fans have taken things to the next level and NBA 2K20 roster creator MJWizards is one of them. This PS4 user has taken the time to accurately re-create the entire NBA roster for the 1997-98 season and he has aptly titled it, The Last Dance roster.

Take a look at this video which thumbs through the entire roster.

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Some important details about the roster are listed below (h/t Da Infamous NY):

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  • Correct info, years, bio for all the players
  • Accurate Cap or Lookalike for all the missing players
  • Head Coach correct names (and lookalike face if available)
  • Accessories and Shoes for all the players, no 2K Shoes
  • Signature Styles for the most important players
  • End of Regular Season Roster
  • At least 12 real players for all the teams from the 97-98 season
  • All the 29 teams of the 97-98 season will be completed with 3 “John Smith” for player n.13, 14 and 15 to avoid the free agent when you start MyLeague if necessary.

Team Slots:

1. Miami Heat (96-97 Heat slot)
2. New York Knicks (98-99 Knicks slot)
3. New Jersey Nets (01-02 Nets slot)
4. Chicago Bulls (97-98 Bulls slot)
5. Washington Wizards (all-time wizards slot)
6. Orlando Magic (94-95 Magic slot)
7. Boston Celtics (all-time Celtics slot)
8. Philadelphia 76ers (00-01 76ers slot)
9. Indiana Pacers (all-time pacers slot)
10. Charlotte Hornets (all-time hornets slot)
11. Atlanta Hawks (all-time Hawks slot)
12. Cleveland Cavaliers (all-time Cavs slot)
13. Detroit Pistons (all-time Pistons slot)
14. Milwaukee Bucks (all-time Bucks slot)
15. Toronto Raptors (99-00 Raptors slot)
16. Utah Jazz (97-98 jazz slot)
17. San Antonio Spurs (97-98 Spurs slot)
18. Minnesota Timberwolves (all-time wolves slot)
19. Los Angeles Lakers (97-98 lakers slot)
20. Houston Rockets (all-time Rockets slot)
21. Dallas Mavericks (all-time Mavericks slot)
22. Vancouver Grizzlies (all-time Grizzlies slot)
23. Seattle Supersonics (95-96 Sonics slot)
24. Phoenix Suns (all-time Suns slot)
25. Portland Trail Blazers (99-00 Blazers slot)
26. Sacramento Kings (all-time kings slot)
27. Golden State Warriors (06-07 warriors slot)
28. Los Angeles Clippers (all-time Clippers slot)
29. Denver Nuggets (93-94 Nuggets slot)

The roster contains rookie versions of Tracy McGrady, Chauncey Billups, and Tim Duncan.

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How to Download The Last Dance Roster

From the main menu, head over to the options tab, select create a roster, choose user-created roster, press triangle to search by online ID. Input the information listed below, and look for the roster file with the beneath:

  • Online ID: crazyh16
  • File Name: NBA 1997-98

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