How to Unlock Resilient Rey Skin in Battlefront 2


With the latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 update, a variety of new skins have entered the game.

While Rey did receive a new one completely free of charge, there’s actually another one that’s up for grabs, except it’s locked away.

As it turns out, DICE came up with a special task for players to complete in order for players to unlock this hooded Rey skin.

The Resilient Rey skin will only be unlockable once players complete these objectives, and for many, it might not even be worth it considering how time-consuming this can be.

To get this skin, players will have to drop into Takodana and enter Maz’s castle. The easiest way to get this done will be through the Co-op Missions, but any mode will do as long as it’s not Heroes vs. Villains. You must be online to do this.

Here are the steps you’ll have to complete to get your hands on this rare skin.

Shoot Hondo’s Painting

hondo painting battlefront 2

Hondo’s painting can be found on the second floor of Maz’s Castle.

Fans of the Clone Wars and Rebels animated shows are likely familiar with this lovable pirate as he played big roles in both of the series.

Upstairs in Maz’s castle, players can find a painting of Hondo which will have to be shot. Once you do this, you’ll have the option of interacting with it. Once this is done, you can move onto the next step which will require you to visit Slave I.

Activate the Pillars

slave i pillars rey skin

This is where the pillars will be found following the competion of the first objective.

Near the outside of the castle, you can find Slave I, but instead of going right up to the ship, you’ll instead want to interact with the pillars near it.

Hit them in this order: left, middle, right. If done correctly, lights will begin to appear and eagle-eyed players will see it symbolizes the 501st, which leads us to our next objective.

Jump on the Flag

501st flag rey skin

EAFor the Empire!

In the path leading up to Maz’s Castle, you’ll see plenty of flags hanging down. You’ll have to target the 501st flag since that’s what the previous objective hinted at. This flag will be the one with the Stormtrooper helmet on it on the left side. It’ll be hard to miss.

Climb up to the top of the castle and jump down on this flag. Once you’re on top of the correct one, you can interact with it and it’ll open up the door to unlocking this skin.

Go to the Locked Room

rey resilient skin

EAClaim your skin in the main menu.

Now, head down into the basement to the room where Luke’s lightsaber called out to Rey in The Force Awakens. This door can now be unlocked and once you enter it, you’ll see a picture of the Battlefront 2 dev team.

Once you’re done taking a look at that, you should get an indication that all of the steps have been completed and the skin will be unlocked the next time you hit the main menu.


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