NBA 2K21 MyTeam: 3-Point Shootout And Other Mini-Games To Improve Mode

NBA 2K NBA 2K21 MyTeam

NBA 2K20’s version of MyTeam already has a ton of layers, but there are still some cool concepts that could take the mode to another level. In this article, I’ll focus solely on single-player concepts that would offer another fun feature and provide another way to earn MyTeam points.

Most of these suggestions have an NBA All-Star Weekend feel to them, and that’s because this part of the NBA experience has been limited in recent NBA 2K games. MyTeam is the perfect mode to usher this back into the series.

Here are five ideas for mini-games that would make the MyTeam single-player experience even better.

Three-Point Shootout

In a MyTeam three-point shootout, you could select any player in your lineup to use in a quick four-man shootout with three CPU-controlled shooters (chosen randomly from the MyTeam, similar to the way Triple Threat Offline selects your opponents). You could earn a small MT bonus for every three-pointer made, with a little bit extra going for money balls.

Advancing to the finals would offer an MT reward, and obviously, winning the short tournament would carry another bonus. This could be part of the Collector Rewards with a total of 100 first-place finishes in the contest unlocking a premium-gem version of an all-time great three-point shooter like Larry Bird, Steph Curry, Tim Legler, or Reggie Miller (did I say that out loud?)

This would be loads of fun and worth the time of MyTeam players because of the rewards and MT.

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Dunk Contest

NBA 2K20NBA 2K20

Dunk contests are tricky in video games. The Guitar Hero controls were kind of lame, and too much of a departure from the game’s normal mechanic. A MyTeam iteration of the concept could be based simply on a point system that worked more like a situation mode.

Players would essentially try to dunk over props and life-sized cardboard cutouts of players. Clearing these objects would generate different point values based on the size of the item. Also, there would be points awarded for the difficulty level of the dunk.

Again, a CPU-controlled dunker could be your competition. This would be better as a one-on-one against the CPU contest.

Skills Challenge

Virtua Tennis 4: Mini Game Compilation [HD]For more gaming news, reviews and videos visit MKGaming.com2011-04-29T00:49:26Z

There was a tennis series called Virtua Tennis, and it used to have mini-games that challenged you to knock down huge objects with your serve. Gran Turismo also had a mode where your objective was to crush a variety of shapes for points.

In NBA 2K21 MyTeam, it would be great to see an obstacle course with several targets. You’d have to use your player to dribble around cones, hit targets with passes, make threes, and to eventually finish the course with a contact dunk through an explodable statue of an NBA great.

If you put this on a timer and placed it into split-screen while you raced against the clock and a CPU-controlled player, this would be another excellent wrinkle to add to the single-player MyTeam experience.

Aside from gaining the feel for the players in your collection, you’d also be able to earn some MyTeam points for scoring and winning these competitions. This could also be fun in multiplayer as well.

Beat the Clock

‌NBA 2K20

This is simple, but still potentially a blast.

In a game of Beat the Clock, your player would have to score a certain number of points within a designated amount of time. The point values and time limit can vary by player, and you should only get a maximum of 10 attempts.

Each week, a new list of players in the MyTeam mode would be designated as Beat the Clock players. If you have them in your collection, you can enter a BTC contest with the player that would render a reward. If you can complete the BTC challenge with every player each week, you unlock bigger rewards (large amounts of tokens, premium-gem player, major MT bonus, etc.)

The Beat the Clock players could be great or horrible shooters with the point and time values varying accordingly.


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The classic one-on-one battle has been in NBA 2K, but not in MyTeam. Imagine taking our Pink Diamond Giannis Antetokounmpo and having it compete against a Galaxy Opal Larry Bird card in a game of HORSE.

The CPU-controlled Bird would do move combinations such as double crossover into a green-lit fade away, and you’d have to duplicate the sequence doing every move in sequence over a set time period. Depending on the gem level, the harder the combinations, and of course, the button commands could appear on the screen as the CPU player was doing his moves and shot. A marker can be placed on the court similar to the way it’s used in MyCareer drills.

This mini-game could not only earn MT and rewards, but it could also teach gamers different dribble and shot animations that they can chain together in other modes of NBA 2K21.

That’s all I got for you today. Hit me up on Twitter @UniqueMazique and let me know your thoughts on these suggestions.

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