Fortnite Camp Cod Has Several References to Chapter 1

fortnite camp cod

Epic Games

While the initial chapter of Fortnite may be in the rearview mirror, many players look back at the time they spent with that version of the game and feel a strong sense of nostalgia.

It doesn’t seem like Epic Games is going to bring back the first map any time soon, so all players can do is take a look at their memories, but there’s actually a place to revisit some of the more noteworthy landmarks from the game’s past.

Camp Cod, a small location found on the Chapter 2 map, actually features many relics of the previous seasons and is more than worth checking out if you’re longing for the days of old.

Camp Cod Features Many Chapter 1 References

Reddit user Koooooomar pointed out that every single area of the map in Chapter 1 that had a rift zone at one point in time gets some representation in this area.

Wailing Woods, Dusty Divot, Sunny Steps, and even the Soccer Stadium have some references here, which is really cool to see Epic do to keep players reminded of what Fortnite has been up to this point.

Of course, this doesn’t seem to mean much at the moment, but we do know Epic Games likes to keep Fortnite quite lore-heavy, so it’s possible they could have some sort of master plan for all of this.

Are We About to Get New Locations?

Several leaks have come out about the Fortnite map flooding in Season 3, and if that does actually happen, then we will almost surely be getting several new locations to explore.

The start of a new season is usually the best time for Epic to introduce new content, so even if the flood doesn’t happen, we’ll still very likely get some new points of interest.

Will it be any of the old locations from Chapter 1? It might be too early to tell that for sure, but consider the new season kicks off on June 17, it won’t be much longer now.

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