Fortnite Leak Reveals First Season 3 Water Level Drop

fortnite water level season 3

Epic Games

Now that the Fortnite Season 3 map is mostly covered in water, many players are wondering when the levels will drop and reveal all of the hidden land that’s underneath it.

We already know that as the season goes on, the water will begin to evaporate and the locations underneath will be revealed. As a matter of fact, if you’re willing to burn through some building materials, you’re still able to interact with and use the underwater Reboot Vans, meaning the water isn’t even a hurdle.

However, it’s definitely a lot easier to use the vans if there isn’t any water blocking the way, and here’s when we will presumably be able to do that.

What Does The Water Drop?

According to Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi, the first water level drop is set to take place on July 1, meaning there’s one more week at the time of this writing.

We don’t yet know what secrets lie under the water, but it looks like we’ll be finding out quite soon. We’re sure that Epic Games has many plans for an expanding storyline this season and it’s cool to see them already put things in motion.

Of course, there’s no telling what direction the rest of the season will go in, but you can consider us excited.

Will There Be Multiple Water Drops?

While Epic Games hasn’t come out and said it explicitly, it does seem like there will be multiple instances where the water level over the course of Season 3.

Eventually, it looks like all of the new water that dropped on the map will eventually dry up and plenty of new POIs will be revealed.

All of that is quite a way out, so we’ll just have to sit back and be patient as Epic Games take us on the ride. There are a lot of different directions

Fortnite Season 3 is out now across all platforms.

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