Fortnite Leak Hints at Several New Flopper Types

fortnite floppers season 3

Epic Games

Ever since the start of Fortnite Chapter 2 rolled around, players were given the ability to fish which would reward them with healing items, ammo, and even weapons.

Since that moment, the fishing loot has remained pretty static, but it appears that Epic Games is on the cusp of livening things up a bit with some new fish.

Floppers are the crown jewel of what can be caught in the water as you can get some very quick healing with them, and Epic Games will be building on them with even more kinds of them.

According to a new leak, this is on the verge of happening, so let’s take a deep dive and look at all of the fish that could potentially show up in Fortnite in the very near future.

New Floppers Inbound

Fortnite leaker HYPEX showed us that there are five different types of Floppers in the work, with each of them having a different feature than the last.

Thermal, shield, jelly, hop, and fire Floppers are all supposed in the fishing spots right now, but they are just disabled so nobody is able to catch them right now.

On the surface, these all sound pretty interesting. For instance, it sounds like the Thermal Flopper would give you the chance to see the game as if you’re looking through a thermal scope.

The Hop Flopper could possibly give us the power of the Hop Rocks from Chapter 1 that would make us jump high in the air. All of these ideas sound interesting enough that we’d love to see Epic add them in.

When Are The New Floppers Coming Out?

Considering that Epic Games seems to already be testing out these new Floppers, it looks like they are a lot closer to becoming part of the game than we might realize.

It doesn’t look like we’re getting an update this week, so it seems like the next best option would be next week’s patch.

Then again, we got a new item in the Firefly Jars that were released without any fanfare, so maybe one day we’ll wake up and see more fish in the sea. There’s even a chance a new shotgun will be coming with the Floppers.

Fortnite Season 3 is out now across all platforms.

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