Pokemon GO Shiny Clefairy & How to Catch It

pokemon go shiny clefairy


The Solstice 2020 event is now live in Pokemon GO, and that means Shiny Clefairy can now be encountered in the wild and more.

Here’s what SHiny Clefairy looks like in Pokemon GO:

The most notable difference between normal Clefairy and shiny Clefairy is that the tips of shiny Clefairy’s ears are green instead of brown.

Shiny Clefairy was previously only available by evolving a Shiny Cleffa, according to Niantic. During the Solstice event, you have a great opportunity to obtain your own Shiny Clefairy. Pokemon associated with the sun and moon, such as Clefairy, Sunkern and more, will spawn more frequently in the overworld and in 5 km Eggs. In addition to that, all players will get twice the Stardust for catching Pokemon during the event.

You also have a chance of getting a shiny Clefairy by completing the event-exclusive Research Task of giving your Buddy Pokemon a treat. See the full list of Solstice 2020 Research Tasks here.

According to The Silph Road, you have a one in 450 chance of getting a shiny Pokemon in the wild, a one in 60 chance of getting a shiny Pokemon through an event-exclusive Research Task and a one in 50 chance of hatching a shiny Pokemon from an Egg (though that last statistic was conducted only on Baby Pokemon).

The region-exclusive Pokemon Solrock and Lunatone are going to be more widely available around the world during the event. From June 19 to 20, Solrock will appear more frequently in the western hemisphere while Lunatone will appear more frequently in the eastern hemisphere. Then from June 21 to 22, both Pokemon will be available frequently in both hemispheres. Then from June 23 to 24, Solrock and Lunatone will swap hemispheres while still being available frequently, with Solrock going to the eastern hemisphere and Lunatone going to the western hemisphere. The two Pokemon will stay that way after the event is over. Both Pokemon will also be available in three-star Raids and 5 km Eggs throughout the event regardless of location.

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