Pokemon HOME Down Following Release of Shiny Zeraora

zeraora max raid battle

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Pokemon storage application Pokemon HOME is down after players tried to access the game for the Shiny Zeraora they were gifted after over one million Pokemon Sword & Shield players beat Zeraora in Max Raid Battles.

Players took to Twitter to complain that they can’t access the app, including Joe Merrick, the man behind popular Pokemon resource website Serebii. People are posting screenshots that show an error code of 500 when trying to log in. We just tried it ourselves and we got an error code of 800, and we’re not the only one.

It looks like Pokemon HOME on the Nintendo Switch is down too. People are showing screenshots with an error code of 504 on the Switch.

It seems like the problem lies with thousands or even millions of players trying to access the app all at the same time, which is putting extra strain on the servers that they can’t handle.

The online services for the Nintendo Switch are still operational, according to the Nintendo Network Status page. However, the network services for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Nintendo Switch Online save data cloud service are currently undergoing maintenance – probably due to the release of the new DLC fighter Min Min. Maintenance will end for Smash Ultimate and Nintendo Switch Online at 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. PT on June 29 respectively. In addition, the functions of transferring user and save data are planned to undergo maintenance from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. PT on June 29. We’re not sure if this has anything to do with Pokemon HOME being down, though.

We will update the article when Pokemon HOME is back up and running again.

Update (10:00 p.m. EST): It looks like Pokemon HOME is currently undergoing emergency maintenance, according to an in-app message.

Update (1:00 a.m. EST): Pokemon HOME is no longer down and you can now get the Mystery Gift. Follow the instructions below to find out how you can get yours.

Not only is Pokemon HOME down, but it appears that the new Wild Area Event in Pokemon Sword & Shield that went live today – which focuses on steel-, rock- and ground-types – is bugged as well. According to Serebii, the event is calling for an item that doesn’t exist in the game’s code.

Update (10:00 p.m. EST): The bugs causing the game to crash when completing a Raid have been fixed, according to Serebii.

Players earned a Shiny Zeraora when over a million players defeated the Mythical Pokemon in Max Raid Battles. Not only that, but they were also going to be gifted a number of Armorite Ore up to 10 which can be spent in The Isle of Armor DLC to teach Pokemon special moves.

Once Pokemon HOME is back up and running on your mobile device of choice, you can head to the Mystery Gifts menu anytime between now and July 6 at 4:59 p.m. PDT to claim your shiny Zeraora and Armorite Ore, according to our previous report. We’re pretty sure you can claim the gift whether you have a free plan or a premium plan – just make sure you have at least one space in a box. You also have to have either deposited a Pokemon into Pokemon HOME or move a Pokemon to Pokemon Sword or Shield from Pokemon Home from now until July 6.

From the “Your Room” menu of Pokemon HOME, tap on the green button at the bottom of the menu and then tap on “Mystery Gifts.” Tap on “Gift Box” and then tap the gift that says “Victory over Zeraora 1” to get your shiny Zeraora. You can also give it a nickname.

To get the Armorite Ore, tap on the gift that says “Victory Over Zeraora 2.” You’ll get a code that you’ll need to redeem in Pokemon Sword or Shield to get your ore. Start up Pokemon Sword/Shield and go into the main menu. Click on the “Mystery Gift” menu. Then select “Get a Mystery Gift” and then select “Get with Code/Password.” Input the code as listed in Pokemon HOME to get your ore.

The Zeraora you get has the moves Plasma Fists, Close Combat, Blaze Kick and Outrage as well as the ability Volt Absorb. The one we got has perfect IVs in every stat other than defense, and even then it’s pretty close to maximum. It also has the Hasty ability. Your Zeraora might have different IVs and a different nature.

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