Where to Find Balls of Yarn at Catty Corner in Fortnite

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Another week of challenges are now out in Fortnite and they give you a chance you earn some extra XP and hopefully max out your Battle Pass as we approach the home stretch of Season 3.

This week is a bit more difficult than some of the previous weeks as there’s more than just eliminating players and opening ammo boxes, which are mostly just time-consuming.

When the time comes for you to visit Catty Corner in search of Yarn Balls, it’ll be much more beneficial if you know exactly where to look. These giant balls are pretty hard to miss, but if you’re in a crowded area filled with enemies, it can become quite a struggle.

Here’s where you can find these pesky yarn balls.

Go to Catty Corner

balls of yarn catty corner fortnite

Epic GamesThere will be four balls to choose from.

The balls of yarn can be found at Catty Corner, which is a named location south of Lazy Lake and Retail Row but just above the snowy mountain on the map.

In total, there are four different balls scattered around the area, but you’ll only need to find three of them to complete this challenge.

The area itself isn’t very big, so if you just wander around for a short amount of time, you should be able to find them naturally, but if you need some extra help, we have you more than covered.

Make Kit Proud

Having the locations on a map is one thing, but for a more detailed breakdown of where to find these balls, here you are:

  • Top of the metal building in the west
  • Green container above the vault
  • Second floor of the gas station
  • Outside of the gas station next to the wall

All in all, these aren’t too hard to find and should be able to be done in just a match unless you are eliminated upon landing.

Like many challenges, the easiest way to get this one done will be in Team Rumble as your bus path could easily protect you from being eliminated.

If you’re having issues with collecting all three of the balls, we recommend heading there and knocking this challenge out no problem.

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