Fortnite Storm Circles Get Tweaked in v13.40

fortnite storm circle change v1340

Epic Games

A big Fortnite update has just arrived in the game in the form of the Joy Ride patch which introduced cars into the mix.

Obviously, the biggest draw of the update is the cars themselves, but there were also some other changes that you might be interested in, namely how the new Storm Circle works.

The Storm is a big element of a Fortnite match as you’ll always want to make sure you stay ahead of it and it’ll also dictate where a match ends as there’s no rhyme or reason to the way it closes.

Following the v13.40 update, Epic Games made some tweaks to the circle itself, and it will not act a bit differently than you might be used to. Let’s take a look at all of the changes Epic made in this patch.

Minor Storm Circle Change

Since Epic doesn’t release patch notes with their new updates anymore, we have to rely on leakers and the community to find out what’s new.

As it turns out, the developers made a hidden change to the circle that makes it smaller upon start, makes it shrink faster, and lowers the time before it starts to collapse.

Fortnite leaker HYPEX posted the changes on Twitter.

  • Starting Radius: from 24 to 23
  • Shrink Time: from 240 seconds to 210
  • Wait Time: from 200 seconds to 170

Now, it’s hard to tell what impact that will have on things going forward since this is a very new change, but it’s interesting to see Epic try to mix things up a bit.

Why Did They Make the Change?

Since Cars have now made their way into Fortnite, perhaps Epic decided they’d like to speed up the overall length of the game with it since there are now so many mobility options.

The chances of being left out in the storm all alone without a vehicle are now becoming rarer, so maybe the developers think that you can just get a vehicle and outrun the storm that way.

Either way, the storm is now changed and it’s something everyone will have to get used to.

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