Ninja & SypherPK Explain Why Return to Old Fortnite Map is Unlikely

fortnite original map chapter 2

Epic Games

Ever since Fortnite Chapter 2 rolled around, there has been a vocal group of the community that has yearned for a return to the original map.

While there were many changes made over the 10 seasons, the layout of the map remained the same and players grew very attached to it, but Epic Games mixed things up in Chapter 2.

Instead of making any more changes to the current map, they decided to scrap it and get a new one entirely. While we have seen older POIs make a return, it still isn’t enough for many players.

The door is definitely open for Epic to just bring back the old map, but it might not be as likely as you’d want it to be. Ninja and SypherPK discussed the possibility of this happening, and they don’t sound very optimistic.

Could The Old Map Come Back?

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On SypherPK’s alternate channel, the two talked about what it’d take to bring the map, and both of them raise the point of how it’d practically have to be built from the ground up again.

Chapter 2 brought a bunch of graphical changes that weren’t applied to the Chapter 1 map, so Epic would have to go back and rework things there.

“If they brought back to the old map, they would have to 100 percent rejuvenate it,” Ninja said. “It would be like creating a new map.”

Ninja did say that bringing back the old map would bring many players back to the game, including all of the content creators who left for other games, even if it were for a day or two.

How Likely is the Old Map?

Many battle royale games that moved away from their original map eventually came back to it, with Apex Legends and PUBG being two notable examples.

It doesn’t look like the Chapter 1 map is on the horizon, but we’re not really sure what will happen following the end of Season 4. Galactus has the power to drastically alter the island as we know it, so maybe the return of the map is in the cards.

For the time being, all we can do is speculate what the plans are, so keep your eyes open.

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