Do LMGs Need a Nerf in Fortnite Season 4?

fortnite lmg nerf

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One of the strongest weapons in all of Fortnite at this point in time is the LMG, and it has led some players to wonder if it’s actually too strong.

This weapon, in both of its rarities, has the ability to dish out the highest DPS (damage per second), meaning it’s definitely something worth keeping in your arsenal at any given time.

It’s also quite a rare gun so you’re not ever going to run into a ton of them in any given lobby, which could be a quick trip back to lobby if you run into a player with one.

To make matters even worse, you might not just run into a player with one of these guns, but someone who has multiple.

The LMG can spray down players and buildings with ease, and having multiple of them in the inventory can be downright unfair.

Should There be a Nerf?

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Fortnite YouTuber Lachlan made a video showcasing the raw power of this gun and how difficult it is to defend against it.

In his video, he comes away with a pair of Victory Royales with relative ease, and it begs the question of if these guns need to go.

The nearly bottomless clip is already an issue by itself, but having two of them is just filthy. Unless you’re the one dealing all the damage, this gun brings nothing but pain to the lobby, so it could probably use some tweaks.

What Should Be Done?

The only thing that’s stopping this from being a full-blown problem is how rare the gun is. Since Doom’s Domain is the only spot you’re going to be finding one with any regularity, the chances of run into a player with one is slim.

However, the later the game goes on, the highest chance of seeing somebody with an LMG gets higher since that is a weapon that anybody would want in their arsenal.

A complete removal would be a bit too far, but a nerf does seem like it’s needed because going against an LMG can suck the fun right out of a match.

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