Marvel Fortnitemares Event Could Be a Possibility

fortnitemares 2020

Epic Games Fortnitemares is coming soon.

We’re already nearly halfway through the month of September, which means we can start setting our eyes on the annual Fortnite Halloween event, Fortnitemares.

This is always one of the more popular times of the year when it comes to the game, and you’ll remember the launch of Fortnite back in 2017 even coincided with this event.

Now, the 2020 version is inching towards us and with Season 4 having a Marvel theme, it opens the door to many possibilities.

The Marvel universe is absolutely gigantic and there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate some villains into a potential Halloween event. In fact, Epic Games could already be in the process of doing just that.

Fortnitemares Meets Endgame?

Interestingly, the Fortnite Endgame event had files updated behind the scenes, along with the Storm King LTM, which could possibly indicate they are coming to the game at some point, according to dataminer Frenzy.

This could obviously mean a variety of things, but the Endgame event coming back could end up being a big deal. There’s really no reason to bring that back at all unless Epic is taking advantage of the Marvel season.

While the leaker does say the Storm King LTM is probably for Fortnitemares, who’s to say Endgame can’t be too?

To this date, we haven’t seen an actual crossover holiday event, so that would definitely be a first. Perhaps Thanos could even make a comeback and join Galactus on the island. Obviously, this is just speculation at this point and nothing is set in stone.

When is Fortnitemares?

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Last year, Fortnitemares didn’t begin until the end of October, so if we’re going by that schedule, then we still have a long wait.

They could definitely mix things up if they wanted to, but so far we’ve seen no reason to suspect that will be the case.

We do expect to see a bunch of new and spooky skins, even if they aren’t Marvel themed. This event has garnered some criticism in the past thanks to the roaming NPCs, but those have since become the norm in Fortnite, so don’t be surprised to see them pop up again.

Fortnite Season 4 is out now.

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