How to Drive a Car or Truck Through a Rift in Fortnite

how to drive a car through a rift fortnite

Epic Games

One of the coolest parts of Fortnite Season 4 has been the return of the rifts. Not only do they give players more mobility, but they will also allow them to get out of a tight spot and potentially reset a fight they were losing.

There are a lot of rifts all over the map, but the majority of them will be found around Stark Industries, so for the challenge that asks you to drive a car or truck through one, that’s where you’ll want to be.

Of course, the challenge isn’t quite as easy as it sounds because some of the rifts will need to be built up to, so those won’t really be all that good for completing a challenge.

It might also be helpful to know where the rifts spawn each match.

Rifts Spawn All Over

rift spawns fortnite season 4

Epic Games / Fortnite.ggThat’s a lot of rifts.

According to the map on, the rifts can be found in many spots all over the island, but Stark Industries is where you can find the most.

Instead of being up in the actual location, you can find them surrounding the giant piece of land that the POI is on top of.

For me, the easiest way to finish this challenge was to head to the pair that are directly east of Doom’s Domain. A car spawns here, and if you’re lucky you’ll even find a rift that you don’t have to build up to.

Easy Driving

fortnite drive car through rift

Epic GamesVroom vroom.

If you do have to build up to the rift, then it shouldn’t be too difficult since most of them aren’t that far off the ground.

Just a ramp and a floor should work and then all you’ll have to do is drive your car through it and it’s smooth sailing.

Once you’re through, the challenge will be complete and you and your car will now be in free fall back to the ground.

There aren’t many benefits of driving a car through a rift outside of completing this challenge, so don’t make this a habit.

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