2 Leaked Fortnite Abilities Likely Coming In Next Update

fortnite leaked marvel abilities

Epic Games

Epic Games tends to do something different in each Fortnite season in an effort to help them stand out from one another.

In Season 4, we saw the addition of a bunch of Marvel superheroes and with that came a bunch of Mythic weapons and items that helped spice up the loot pool.

If you’re in the final group of players, it shouldn’t be surprising to see people rocking Iron Man’s Unibeam or Doctor Doom’s Gauntlets as these are among the most powerful weapons in the game.

Throughout the season, Epic has been adding even more to the pool, with Black Panther’s Kinetic Shield being one of the most recent ones.

It looks like the next update will bring a few more into the game, if leaks are to be believed.

More Abilities On the Way

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, the Fire Ball and Fire Jump abilities should be getting added in an update very soon.

Of course, they said this last week, but we ended up seeing that wasn’t the case, so perhaps this week could be when they will be added.

An update for this week hasn’t been confirmed at the time of this writing, but there are rumblings that there could be one before Fortnitemares arrives.

We don’t yet know how these abilities will work, but judging by their names, we expect one to let players jump high into the air while another will launch fire balls.

Is This Likely?

Well, there’s really no reason for this stuff to be in the files and not end up in the game at some point, so we have to assume it’s just over the horizon.

If we get an update this week, these will surely be in there, but we just don’t know the actual name for them yet.

We don’t know how much Epic has left in the pipeline when it comes to Marvel crossovers in Season 4, but we do know Galactus has to hit the island at some point, so we’ll need as many of these Mythic weapons as we can get.

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