Fortnite Leaks Hints at Return of Midas in Fortnitemares 2020

fortnite midas fortnitemares

Epic Games Midas lives.

Just two days into October and we’re all caught up in the hype that is Halloween in Fortnite.

Epic Games’ annual event, dubbed Fortnitemares, is often one of the best times of the entire year, and if you think back to when Fortnite first launched, this was actually the first event the developers ever debuted.

Midas, the big and bad villain from Fortnite Chapter 2, was seemingly killed off at the end of Season 3 and that has been the end of him.

He did creep back up for a DC villains bundle, but outside of that it has been relatively quiet. However, it’s looking like he could actually make an appearance again quite soon, which surely means bad news for the island.

Midas Back Already?

Reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX says there appears to be another Midas model in the files who is currently holding a Legendary SCAR and has 100 HP and 350 shield.

This seems to indicate he’ll be a boss NPC again, and to further back this point up, we also see information about a Ghostly Ghost Henchmen who can carry an assortment of weaponry, including the Pumpkin Launcher.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Pumpkin Launcher is the Halloween-themed RPG that shoots pumpkins out of it.

When is Fortnitemares?

Although we are in the month of October already, Epic Games tends to wait closer to Halloween to debut the event.

Since we have many spooky skins in Fortnite now, the least they can do is trickle those in as we wait for the event to begin.

It’ll also be interesting to keep an eye on whether or not we’ll be getting some Halloween-themed Marvel skins this season. We’ve already gotten Blade, but maybe we could finally get a Venom outfit during Fortnitemares.

Whatever the case may be, we’re definitely excited to find out. Epic Games hasn’t announced the start date yet, but it’s certainly coming soon.

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