Fortnite Crossover Adds Two New Batman Skins This Season

Epic Games

We’re quickly coming up on the release of the second issue of the Batman miniseries that crosses over with Fortnite.

With each of these comics, players can unlock a new cosmetic with a special code that’s found inside the physical issue.

If you’re somebody who doesn’t want to spend time picking up a physical copy of a comic book, then you can just wait until the cosmetics come to the Item Shop. Epic has confirmed new cosmetics release in the shop the same day they are available in the comics with the exception of the Harley Quinn Rebirth outfit.

As part of a recent leak, it was revealed that there is a Batman skin coming to the Item Shop on May 5, but the only issue is this was supposed to be exclusive to people who purchased all of the comics.

Here’s what’s going on.

Two Batman Skins Are Coming

Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR had a theory that the leaked Batman skin, officially titled “Batman Zero,” will be a different skin than the Armored Batman style that’ll be available to people who get all six comics.

This has since been confirmed by YouTuber Ali-A, so it’s looking like there will be two different Batman skins available in Season 6.

For those keeping score at home, this will now bring us up to four different Batman skins in the game. It’s curious to see this happen because Batman doesn’t appear to be a very popular cosmetic for players to rock in the game.

Perhaps the push he needs is two more skins, so we’ll see how popular the Caped Crusader really is once both styles come into the game.

How to Get the Two Skins

fortnite batman cosmetics leaked

Epic Games / DC Comics

The two skins will be very simple to get as you won’t have to complete any quests or things of that nature. Instead, you’ll just have to wait around for a while.

Batman Zero should be in the Item Shop on May 5, so just wait until that day for the option to purchase that one. We still don’t know anything about its price or just what’s bundled with the set, so keep an eye out for that.

Armored Batman will be a bit more difficult to get. If you want to get your hands on this skin, you’ll need to either subscribe to DC Universe Infinite or track down six physical copies of the comic book.

It’s looking like this skin will be a lot rarer of the two, so if you see somebody out in the wild rocking the Armored Batman skin, then just know that they spent a lot of time and money on it.

Of course, having a rare skin on display in Fortnite is a big reason many players collect everything they can get. Some skins, Travis Scott for example, don’t come around very often at all. If you’re someone who has a skin that’s been in the shop just once, that’s an excellent reason to start rocking it every game.

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