Fortnite Crew Bonus Teases 2 New Marvel Skins

fortnite crew thor loki skins

Epic Games

The season of Marvel may be over but that won’t stop Epic from jam-packing Fortnite with every character they can get their hands on.

It’s hard to imagine a world where even more characters come into the game, but there’s definitely room for me. Spider-Man, Wanda, Vision are just some of the names that come to mind that are notable and still missing.

Throughout the month of May, players who are subscribed to the Fortnite Crew have been getting additional loading screens each month, and this last one might be a door into what the future holds.

We’ve already theorized that next month’s Crew skin would be a variation of the Cuddle Team Leader, but what comes after that?

Well, according to this new loading screen, it might actually be a pair of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thor and Loki

fortnite crew thor loki

Epic GamesLoki and Thor can be spotted here.

The final loading screen, leaked by FortTory before its release into the game, has been revealed and it shows the new Cuddle Team Leader standing tall in all of its glory.

However, some players have immediately focused on some of the silhouettes that are behind the skin. As it turns out, there might be some big names back there.

If you zoom into the one on the left, it looks like you can make out Loki, and then if you look to the other side of Cuddle Team Leader, you can see Thor.

This is where things get tricky because we already have a Thor skin, but this one has some key differences. In Season 4, we got all of the Marvel Comics characters coming over, but none of them were from the MCU.

Thor is a different character in each of those and it looks like this style, if it is him, would be based off his look from Thor: Ragnarok. Loki is a bit easier to make out thanks to his horns and scepter, and he also has his upcoming Disney+ show.

When Could These Release?

Epic GamesThor might be getting friends.

For the time being, nothing is confirmed, but it does seem like nothing will happen in Season 6 because there’s not a whole lot of time left.

The Cuddle Team Leader skin should release for June’s Crew pack, so if you’re a fan of that, you should be able to get your hands on that one soon.

Thor and Loki might be special skins in Season 7, either in the Battle Pass or somewhere else. Maybe one of them could be a Crew skin since Green Arrow was the inaugural one.

So far, Epic hasn’t really collaborated with Marvel with any of the TV shows. WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier would have created several skins for Fortnite, but the time for that has come and gone.

Based on this loading screen, they don’t want to repeat that with Loki, so let’s see if they are able to do it. We’ll let you know if we learn more about a possible Thor or Loki skin. For right now, all we can do is sit and wait.

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