How to Get Free 100 Thieves Merch Playing Fortnite

fortnite 100 thieves merch

Epic Games / 100 Thieves

If you’re a fan at all of 100 Thieves, then you know how difficult it can be to get your hands on their exclusive merch drops, but Fortnite players are about to get an easier shot at getting some.

These limited-time runs often sell out very fast and you’ll be left in the dust trying to get your hands on them if you’re even a few minutes late.

In an effort to get their merchandise out there to a wider audience, 100 Thieves has teamed up with Fortnite to give the Creative Mode an overhaul. If you jump into the 100T Featured Hub, you’ll have the chance to win some of their merch and some custom Fortnite gear.

Here’s what you’ll have to do.

Take a Picture on the Island

100 thieves jam line

100 ThievesMake sure you don’t miss out on this drop!

Epic Games laid out a list of steps for players if they want the chance to win some exclusive gear.

The first thing you’ll have to do is hop onto the island, but from there it’s pretty straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Jump into Fortnite Creative and explore the 100T Featured Hub
  2. Take a screenshot or shoot a video of your favorite Fortnite character in the 100T Featured Hub.
  3. Share the screenshot or video on social, tagging @100Thieves and @FNCreate on Twitter. Make sure to include #100TCreative in your submission.
  4. Submit by December 1 at 10:00am ET

Once all that is done, it’ll pretty much come down to hoping you get lucky because you’ll be competing with many other players trying to win the same thing.

According to the official rules, here’s how your submission will be scored.

  • 50 Points – Creativity
  • Include a unique and interesting screenshot or video in your submission.
  • Include a witty, humorous, and fun caption in your social post.
  • 10 Points – Party Up
  • Entry includes one or more of your friends on Fortnite
  • 10 Points – Fortnite Video Chat
  • Entry includes a video of you and your friends experiencing the Hub while using the new Fortnite Video Chat feature

Your work is definitely cut out for you, so make sure you get in there before December 1 and give it your best shot!

You Have Until December 1

There’s plenty of time for you to submit your creation, but you definitely don’t have forever.

Galactus is coming to snatch up the island on December 2, so you’ll want to make sure you’re done by then because the 100T hub will certainly be gone for good by then.

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