Fortnite Addresses Baby Yoda Back Bling’s Biggest Issue

Epic Games

As a reward for completing the entirety of the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass, players are able to unlock Baby Yoda, now known as Grogu in the Star Wars universe, as a back bling.

However, players quickly discovered that this back bling might be more trouble than it’s worth as aiming down sights or even looking up would cause Baby Yoda’s huge head to block your sight.

There are a lot of things that are important in the game of Fortnite, and you ability to see what’s in front of you is arguably the most important, so it’s clear this needed to be fixed.

As it turns out, not long after a Reddit thread pointed out the problems with this back bling, Epic Games confirmed a fix was in the works.

Next Update Fixes This

fortnite baby yoda back bling broken

Epic Games

As you might know by now, the Fortnite Trello board is the best way to keep track of bugs like this being fixed, so you might even know this is being addressed soon.

According to the board, the Baby Yoda back bling issue will be fixed in the next game update, so things moved pretty quickly in this case.

Now, we just have to figure out when the next update is dropping.

When’s The Next Update?

Typically, the next Fortnite update arrives when there are no more leaked challenges, so that might be bad news for those hoping for the fix soon.

We still have one more set of challenges to go through, but there’s no reason Epic can’t push another update, it’s just that it doesn’t happen often.

If Epic stays on their typical trend, then this fix likely won’t arrive until early February, so you might have to either deal with the back bling’s issue or use another one.

We’re just glad that the problem is being addressed because it’s easily one of the coolest cosmetics in the entire game, so we’d hate to see it just go to waste.

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